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I went to my eldest sons school with my 7 year old daughter to see a medium which looked any like Sally Morgan, but wasn't her!! I kept getting close, she was telling me she wanted to see me, but then kept telling me she had to see the next person as it was important to tell me things, it was getting late, my husband came to find us, told me off for keeping our daughter out, my daughter wanted to stay with me because she wanted to see this lady, but she looked so tired, & I knew she needed to go home, so insisted she went, it was now 1am! So I waited, she even saw my good friend before me, then next thing my daughter was back, which frightened me, because she'd walked back on her own at 7 years old & it was the early hours of the morning, but whilst I was distracted the medium packed up! So I went to find her in a room, which had a star on its door, which made me judge on her self importance!! But yet still she gave me the brush off, which I got annoyed about as I'd been waiting so long, she gave me her phone number & told me it was all good, & she was tired, I said so was I & my little girl, then she told me my daughter was special, which I said I know!!! Then I left, & went to waitrose!! Where I brought a scratch card & some food & drinks, by now it was 6am, walking outside I scratched the scratch card & won a lot of money, but I don't know the amount, just that it was a lot!! Outside now there was lightening across an airfield, behind a high fence, my husband was there again, but my daughter ran off down the road, I felt frightened & ran after her, then I woke up!!
2014-08-20 02:10:46


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