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In my dream I was at a guy named Dan that I've started to fool around with house, no ***** just kissing so far. I was at his house and it was an apartment building even though in real life he lives in a basement suite. Dan wasn't there for the beginning but his room mate was (in the dream the roommate was not someone I know, I couldn't see his face and he was chubby and bald and even though I couldn't see him I know he was unattractive to me.) any way me and this guy where fooling around in the shower and then Dan finally came home and me and this unattractive fellow stopped and I was with Dan all of a sudden. At this point he started to have his arm around me and we were hanging out in his bedroom, for whatever reason he and the unattractive roomie shared a room. They had two separate beds in the room and it was large with a tv at the foot of the bed. Me and Dan are now on his bed and making out, at this point I stop and tell him I need to go home because I must wake up at 6:30am for work and I want to watch Seinfeld, and then I changed my mind and I want to watch friends, and then I say no it's Fraiser I want to watch. So we leave and he walks me out. The apartment building when you go in the hallway is like a banquet hall and some big thing was going on. There were people in tuxes and nice dresses and this one table stops me and this gentlemen says, I just graduated and I'm going to teach the hearing impaired, and I remember responding oh my gosh that's exciting My Aunt does that she lives in Nebraska and Went to school in Wyoming. The conversation ended because the guy I'm seeing now whisks me away in pursuit of this Asian Lady, I don't know why but once we get down a couple flights of stairs he pulls out a gun and shoots her right in between the eyes. he then holds her in his arms and is looking at me, we aren't upset, we aren't running, we aren't crying just there. This is when I can no longer remember what happened or I woke up one of the two.
2015-07-06 13:53:07
I spent the first half of my dream organizing my room, which was split into two, my tv in the first half and a mirror/dresser in the second half against the far wall and my bed split between the two rooms so I could still see both tv and mirror. I spent what felt like hours in this dream organizing small items into a variety of *****es and confines within my room (which was red like my current room). Then I went to join my sister, her friend, and my friend as they had been drinking/partying during this time in what is my backyard in the dream. It was set up like a courtyard or a opening in the wood with just the tops of houses in the distance. They were busy setting up the area so my sisters friend could release her yellow bird from its cage, which looked like a goldfinch. When she released her goldfinch I was the first to see the eyes and outline of what turned out the be a lynx which traipsed in and snagged the goldfinch in his/her mouth and ran off into the wood, to return moments later when the lynx went to bite/snag my dog in his/her mouth as well, I then stepped on the lynx and captured it in a plastic bag where it continually clawed at my arms for hours as everyone insisted I release the lynx. My aunt and I insisted on bringing the lynx to the vet to discuss possibilities of releasing it in another area or euthanizing it (which is not a usual waking thought of mine). She gave me a wallet which was almost the size of a suitcase and i began sewing up the suitcase so the lynx could no longer scratch up my arms. We arrived at the vet parking lot where I knew the lynx had somehow released the goldfinch because I could hear it singing.
2015-03-06 19:50:51


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