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I was sitting next to my favorite Youtuber Markiplier or aka Mark and we were watching a tv, it was playing static then all of a sudden a black lady walks in, she is vary *****y and she had curly hair, she sat on his lap and i asked who she was, Mark told me that he didn't know then he told me to go away and they started making out like crazy, he then told me to wait and i looked back, he told me to put his condom on and for some reason i did, the condom was too big but he still kept it on and started to make out with the girl some more, i sighed then turned around and ran, there was no wall but an opening that led to the outside world, to my left were big mountains and one small hill in the middle of it all, behind the mountains was a dark world there was nothing but darkness, dead trees and other dead plants in front of the mountains there was a beautiful sunset and small hills there were stars in the sky and they all sparkled, i looked around then ran to the hill and found a white dog me and the dog started to play and mess around but then mark and the lady walked towards us, the dog saw them and ran into the darkness behind the mountains now there was one dead tree on the hill so when i saw them i climbed it in a hurry and looked down at them, they tried telling me to come down but i did not do as they said and stayed in the tree, the lady told mark that she could handle this and told me she wanted to talk to me so i get down and we start talking near the darkness then something came over me and i started to attack her, mark saw this and he came over to stop it by pushing me away once he did i said sorry and started to cry, my skin was deteriorating as a turned around and ran away, mark let the woman go and followed me he stopped me and opened his mouth like he was going to say something but that was when i woke up.
2016-02-18 14:26:19
Had another weird dream last night... It started with relief society we were all camping out in this building thing and it was around general conference and they told us to pick our spots and get ready to watch general conference with our spouses. Then I sat down on our air mattress that had a quilt on it feeling like we got the best spot . then the room filled up with everyone's families and water came in and started rising they said anyone who tries to swim up or anything will be stuffed. And it was like a worse death than actually drowning because they would shove like a pillow or material down your throat. And it was worse because it meant your soul wouldn't have access to anywhere else. Anyway, there was a few people that tried to swim up and someone threw a rock at them and knocked them out and they sunk again, when they did they landed in a auditorium chair. And we're viewing everything from the side. So there are rows of these chairs just like jn a movie theater and we can see everything as if youre next to it. I'm still sitting in the same spot. The water hasn't reached us yet for some reason but I told mike something definitely wasn't right. Then it turned out that this was a monthly event. Where families and couples were selected and had to parti*****te. And considered it an honor. Some people drugged their kids to prevent them from floating up however instinctually the kids knew and so one girl she had a knife and cut through this body thing she was in to try and survive even though she was drugged. She could hardly move and just had a blank face. So the dad took the razr knife thing and threw it away from them. Then picked up her baby brother. And started peeling off his eyelid. The kid wasn't even bothered just uncomfortable I assume he was drugged too. Then mike stood up and said we still have to finish something before we parti*****te that it was wish not that he agreed but it was the only thing they honored. What he told them was we had to finish remodelling our bathroom Lol. They let us know. Our house was like in this super clear lake like a little lake house surrounded by trees. Anyway he bathroom finished. Ppl came for us telling u we need to parti*****te. Then something about these dolls who only have a limited lifespan as well to coincide with these regulations. It was sad and kinda creepy..
2016-01-31 11:20:02


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