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, I went on vacation and it was a hotel room/a room in my boyfriends parents house. The room was haunted with a bad spirit that stayed in the top corner of the closet in the room. I had been to that room before and I knew I didn't want to stay there but I did anyways and instead of letting it scare me I confronted it and acted tough in front of it, and I even slept in there. I was scared to fall asleep but I still didn't want to show it that I was terrified of it. I would look right where the spirit was and tell it to ***** off and to leave me alone. The next day I was possessed. I was giving everyone scary looks and they were all wondering what was wrong with me but I would growl at them to scare them away. Then all of a sudden it was like I was Rollin on Molly, not just me but everyone at the hotel. Everyone that was around my age was Rollin and we were all dancing around the hotel while I kept thinking that I needed to avoid my mom while I was on the drug. She was down by the pool so as I enjoyed what I was doing Made sure I didn't go near the pool. Next thing I knew I had to go to lavaughns parents house for dinner, I was extra happy and still Rollin a little bit. I was talkative. They seemed stand offish towards me. I asked them if I could use the bathroom but I wanted to avoid the haunted room so I went into lavaughns parents room to use their bathroom, I was comforted about being alone for a minute cuz I knew I was Rollin still and I was afraid they could tell. Linda was a I little bothered I was using their bathroom.
2015-01-23 02:40:11
My brother killed the boy I love. Or I thought he did kill him. The boy came back a couple years later. He had three scars on his face from jeff. He had long brown hair. His shirt was green. His eyes were brown. I was so excited to see him again. I gave him a huge hug and asked how he found me. He said he had spent a long long tome trying to find me. He held no resentment towards my brother, but a bit of fear showed in his eyes. I told him I dodn't want him to get hurt again, and sent him away with a kiss and an I love you. When no one was home I invited him over. Everyone else had left on vacation. He had brought achohol even though we were both underage. I got really drunk and he did too. There were a bunch of friends over. We ended up drunkenly kissing on the way back to the bedroom. We practiaclly collasped onto the bed. I ended up scrambling to get me shirt off. I ws braless. I made him take off his shirt and then kicked off my jeans. I was only in my underwear. In a frenzied lust i reached down and started to undo his belt and jeans. I rubbed the head of his ***** to tease him a bit and he let out a small moan. I grinned. He yanked me back up roughly and practiaclly shoved me back, yanking off my underwear. I whimpered in anti*****tion. He now grinned. He blew cold air on my *****oris, and i jerked backwards in suprise. He stuck one finger in and was extremly fristrating. When he realized how wet I was for him, he just went to three fingers. At this point I was holding in a few gasps and moans, nothing to hard to handle. Then he added in last two and started scissoring. I felt like I could ***** but didnt want to. I wanted it to last. So when he started fisting I just broke apart in a squirming and moaning mess of garbled curses and was saying his name. He lapped up some of the ejaculate. Then he stripped off of his boxers abd slid into me. There had been a condom, but in our drunk state. He shoved himself into me, and I let out a breathy gasp at the painful sensation. Slowly he begain.
2015-01-16 17:48:19
7/6 - I dreamt that I ordered pizza (it immediately appeared on the table) and it looked like there was just large slices of cheddar cheese on top and I started eating it but it was disgusting. I then remembered that we had leftover pizza from a better place so I asked my mom and she responded very sarcastically "Yes Trevor?" (Trevor is my cousin) (she was implying that he always asks for our left over pizza?!) and when I was looking for it, sitting in front if my fridge, I was frantically shoving food in my face (chocolate chips out of a plastic bag, everything) but none of it tasted good. I finally found the right pizza but that didn't taste good either. The whole while my sister’s boyfriend was watching me critically. 7/11 – I dreamt at school the kids learned how to clone themselves. It was really dangerous because the clones would be mutated and deranged. I was, at first, the only one who experimented with cloning and I organized a meeting (some secret society of students?) warning everyone else not to. Then, while I was in the bathroom / locker room I see this strangely deformed person walking towards me it appeared like he didn't have a head. I ran screaming into some guys shower (I don't know his name and he doesn't go to milford? he might have been Brendan from work??) and he tried to lie but eventually told me he made a clone of himself. I was furious. The bathroom / locker room was absolute chaos, water was spurting everywhere, people were vomiting, and it reeked. The kids were in charge of this place (it was like a secret hideout / meeting place that adults didn't know about) and we were responsible to clean it and keep it safe. I went into one of the bathroom stalls and I was having a panic attack and my parents were waiting outside the school to pick me up but I couldn't leave with all the clones running around and I was stepping on vomit and I was gagging. 7/21 – I dreamt my bonsai tree died. It was all dried up and light brown. All the leaves were still on it and it looked pretty but in a very sad way. When I asked my mom what happened, she angrily threw it out the window. 7/24 – I dreamt I was in the MHS pool with some other people and they were playing a game similar to volleyball in the deep end but I was the ball. So I would curl up and grab on to one of their fingers and they would fling me. 8/2 – I dreamt Jessie had really bad poison Ivy. I went into our room and she was sitting on her bed looking at a weird like spell book and she had something on the palm of her hand but I couldn't really see it. I sat down next to her and she takes my hand, palm facing up and touches the center while whispering something I couldn't hear. Next thing I know it was like I was being embroidered with an invisible needle. The string wove in and out of my skin, creating a little circular design which I promptly cut and pulled out because I was so freaked out and angry that she did that. It hurt. Little holes were left where the string went into my skin. 8/5 – I dreamt I was in an art museum and I went to take the elevator to go up (I was with someone else- Joan?) it got stuck like a foot away from the top and there is no way we could have reached the platform and it was tilted so we started yelling for help but then the cable gave out and we started free falling which seemed infinite. 8/11 – I dreamt I was at the mall in some busy shop where jewelry was sold and the guy who owned it was a jerk. So I was taking my rings off to try other ones on and I ended up losing my favorite gold ring that has a little heart on it and I was devastated. When I asked the owner if he had seen it he informed me that he sold it to someone else. After a lot if harassing, he eventually called the guy up and found his whereabouts, which happened to be still in the mall. He was in the "historical part of the mall" dressed up like a giant cheeseburger, his eyes could be seen in the mayonnaise part of it. So I went to go and look for him but then I see my friends and I go over to them to tell them what happened. All of a sudden Ansel Elgort and Mathew Gray Gubler and the giant cheeseburger come over to us, dancing and singing about nutrition. After they were done Ansel flopped on the couch to with us to take pictures but it seemed like my phone had infinite apps and I could not find the camera one. 8/12 – I dreamt I was on vacation in some log cabin with a lot of my family, (uncles aunts etc) One day I come home and I could kinda tell something was up so I frantically ask "Where is my violin?.." and my dad informed me that it was by the window. So I go over and I see it lying face down, next to it's case but not in it. I start to panic. I asked who moved it and why isn't it in it's case? They know better than to touch it... My dad said something like "Oh well me and all the uncles are going to have a lil two day Woodstock". I pick it up and I notice that the whole top piece of the instrument is missing and I am livid. I start screaming in a horribly high pitched voice demanding who did it. I see my Uncle Bill and there's something in his hand. Upon further examination I see that he has the top of the violin and he appeared to be wrapping it in plastic wrap. I started screaming at him and all he had was this strange little smile on his face as if this was all very amusing to him. I was yelling stuff like "THEY ARE SO COMPLEX AND YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HALF OF WHAT YOU DID" I woke up when I yelled (in my dream I yelled it but I really murmured it in real life) "I TRUSTED YOU!!" 8/15 – I dreamt there was a secret pool on the roof of MHS (but it wasn't like the literal roof, it still had a ceiling) everything was grey and cement like, except there were these orange tube lights lining the top of the walls. The water felt extremely heavy and I was having a hard time swimming in it. Other kids from the swim team were also there. It was as if we were warming up for a meet.
2014-11-30 20:57:01
trip or vacation
2014-11-03 14:24:13


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