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I some how end up walking the streets of new york city. giant alien *****eships with tentacle are destroying new york city and everyone and everything is in chaos trying to get out of the streets and leave. I am running to down a street of new york, trying to figure out how to get back home to my family. I then realize looking down an ally way I need my family back home to open a portal that I can cross over to come back home again. The portal dose not come in the ally way as I frantically wait. I then go around the street into a building. There is a large group of people in a sort of large auditorium setting. There is a tent on the floor where I know I must beat something mystical that I do not understand but know will kill me to open the portal myself to get home. I become upset and furious and leave. I make my way up the stairs of the skysc*****r building. The power is out, I ask to people on the stairs if Im going the right way and they tell me which way to go. I finally get to the top of the stairs and my family is there. Me and my brother get into a fight and Iam thrown from the window of the building but some how make my way back up. Then Iam back towards home hiding behind pine trees against a fence as vehicles come by. A very deep seriousness is over me. It is dark. I then make my way up the road through my neighborhood. A house down one of the streets becomes apparent to me as a black car drives away it becomes very bright and I know they are coming, (the alien invasion) I run down the road saying run leave now there here. I get to my home and we secure the house as best we can. Iam then left alone to fend for myself and then my family returns and we leave in our 2003 chevy cavalier. As we drive through or neighborhood the house a street down from ours has there blinds up and everything in the home is gone. We keep driving and go past two people on the side of the road trying to flee the alien invasion as well, walking on the road were going down.The road then becomes dirt. We then make our way to a hospital. People have looted it and are inside walking around and it is run down. We try to stay out of the sight of the looters as we enter and make our way upstairs. We come to a medication room. My mom and dad find medication they need for my mom and injected her with it. I find a box of medication and look in it. I then runaway from the hospital. I find a trucker on the side of the road laying out spike strips and chasing after with other small trucks as a team to take cars fuel. The trucker tells me its not that hard to drive his semi so I do. we get on the highway and there are tons of cars trying to leave the city they all move out of the way for me in fear the will be ran over. I get back to the hospital and I thank the trucker and he tells me Im cute and we go our separate ways. I make my way back up to the hospital room where I left my family. I have great interest in the box of medication I looked at. My father has it next to him and is in the corner going through shelf's. I look in the medication box and it is filled with stuffed animals.
2012-11-11 01:41:15
My 20 year old son was backing up an SUV vehicle towards my parked vehicle (the parked vehicle was my vehicle I actually own). My son does not have a driver’s license in real life and I did not recognize the SUV he was driving. My boyfriend was standing beside me. My 5 year old daughter was standing at the back of my vehicle talking with my bf and I. She could not see my son backing up towards her. However, I saw the vehicle come towards her and although I was thinking I should rescue her for some reason I was frozen and time went slowly as her body was squished flat between the two vehicles. My daughter died. I was crying and upset but appeared as though no one but me cared. I was afraid to look at her squished body and somehow my boyfriend told me not to worry that it was ok. I remember being angry at him for not carrying and I was crying (enough that it did wake me from my sleep). Then I remember that although she clearly was squished and died in my dream and I knew that she died I was carrying her, she was able to talk and she was not squished like I saw. What she had instead was large cracks and a bump on her head over her right eye but some how I still knew she was dead. I was calling out and crying and frustrated that I wasn’t getting help. I think my 10 year old son and my boyfriend’s 11 year old daughter were in the background but they did not appear to really be paying attention. It was as though they were busy doing something (I do not know what). I do not remember anything more....but then my dream moved into an old townhouse. A kind of boyfriend of mine from grade 9 was sitting on a couch in this town house. There were others in the house but I did not know them or see them, I just knew they were there. He was dirty. He did not have a job and asked me why I didn't remember that from the last time we talked. Then I remembered he had an injured foot (which actually I seem to recall from an actual dream I had before). He showed me his foot and it appeared more healed but not completely healed from the last time I saw him. For some reason we were waiting for a high school friend of mine to come over to this town house. Some how I remember I was standing looking down from the top second floor to the doorway entrance of this townhouse to keep checking if she had arrived. It was almost as though I was peeking. I do not know why these two people where associated in my dream as they did not know each other and are from different periods of my life. For some reason I was worried she would be mad because there was a house full of people. I do not think we were in high school but that it was present day. I do not remember any more.
2012-09-28 15:30:00
I was driving along a road in a populated city near water. Away from home like a am working as a contractor in another state. To my right, I see 4 missiles travelling at the same speed seconds before impact. As the cloud begins to rise, I sit in my car in disbelief that it happened this way. Knowing I will die soon I start to pray. Awaiting the city leveling blast that does not come, I snap to and begin moving away from the blast driving the vehicle. I somehow end up driving through water and decide to abandon the vehicle to find some kind of shelter from the coming blast that somehow is late in arriving to me. A time later while looking and running I feel extremely guilty and idiotic for leaving the vehicle. Like I failed at that very crucial moment, monumentally, with that decision. I could have saved/reached my family with that vehicle and that blast has not come. I decide to go back to the vehicle. As I am running and now looking at the mushroom cloud, I see other vehicles moving and people running, I hope no one has stolen my vehicle. Some time later the blast comes but it is overhead. I can see this cloud ring burst out from all sides of the mushroom. I pause, waiting to be hit by this blast. Again it is not leveling the city. I begin to run in the opposite direction, looking back at the cloud. I then feel a burst of wind, not enough to knock me or anything down. A few seconds later I feel heat. It’s getting hotter around me, but not burning, I feel like it may be radiation then I wake up from the dream.
2012-07-14 14:53:00
In vehicles with no driver
2012-07-08 00:29:37
In my dreams it is as if i am watching a movie in which most of the time one or few characters are played by me. Last night i dreamed.... I am in a car like Audi SUV with two of my friends and we three a going to meet some person whom i don't know. we are on a huge highway on which very few other vehicles cross us. there is this beautiful music is going on something like still slow peaceful trance, and we instantly are in middle of barren land where we stopped and got out of the car and started looking around then i head something and with was like a sound of the bell and then my friend said they are here and as i turned my head i saw a man on the camel in pure white and the sound was coming from the camel neck ring and they kept coming near, when the camel finally reached the man came down from the animal and said to my friend turn towards me, "He is your last hope to save the world and life force in this universe", i was a bit confused and little surprised as i didn't knew anything as why are we here and what we are doing but just moving with the flow. The man had covered his face in a cloak while said that my second friend commented "are you sure master", then that man removing his cloak from face said "their is absolutely no doubt he is the one", than i saw his face an angelic being with most beautiful texture and light emitted from the face of this being and i felt peaceful as if i know him from long time then a forceful wind blew and an unforgettable sweet fragrance came from him. He came near me put his right hand on my shoulder and said "just be yourself, you will remember and you will be ready". I was just feeling relaxed and peaceful, the man said you must go now, my first friend who brought us their talk with him for couple of seconds alone before the man left saying 'we will meet again and yeah just remember'. We are again in the car this time moving very fast but i relaxed but suddenly our car got hit and as we where in mountainous calif road, we went down straight into the river. While falling my second friend quickly opened the door of the car before going into the water and as we hit the water, they where able to manage to get out into water but i didn't knew swimming, even though i managed get out of car in the river but everything was quick still i was unable to help myself but neither i tried had as if i was ready to die and i started sinking in the water and i had the sound of water as if was like a huge instrumental song been played to me to help me sleep and i saw glimpse as if my friends are yelling my name and trying to swim down to save me but its too late. I am dead, am i, who am i, what am i, why am i, the basic question i thing infinitely raised in my childhood but i knew the answers some how i just don't remember, ...... yes now i remember .... 'i am ... ' i have all the answers to my question, as if just forgot that by some distraction and the very important thing i didn't remember but now i remember and understood what that man meant. now i opened my eyes and i am at the bottom of the river bed and saw bright light of sun hitting the surface of the river, i just stood and pushed up my self as i am a born swimmer. And when i came to the surface of river i saw my friends crying for not able to save me. I moved towards them and said "my friends why do you cry when death is just transition from one existence to another level". They were shocked to here my voice and as the looked where unable to believe their eyes, both said together in one voice you were there (under the water) for more than one hour and how? I said there are some mysteries if understood and realized there are no barriers to one. I took their hands in mine and flied in the air saying i know where we need to be. They were amazed and didn't believe their eyes and said 'who are you', and i replied "your friend who just remembered".
2012-06-12 13:47:04


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