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So in the dream, the professor started getting worse with me, but I didn't act on it cause I didn't want him to fail me. But one day, it was me and 2 other friends hanging out in a dorm, and this professor is just chilling there in a big comfy chair with us casually. And he happened to say something to me that triggered me to finally go off on him. And he and I got in a huge fight, and I basically destroyed him with my words. Then after the fight I went straight to academic services to complain about how The professor has treated me wrong. But on the way to academic services, I saw the professor with his hair dyed black and hair combed perfectly fluffy in a corner eating food and coughing from what I assume was some sort of cancer. So I felt bad for him, and made eye contact, even though I didn't want to. And upon eye contact he did that "I'm gonna kill you" thing with his finger across his throat. Then i continued onto academic services and told the people everything and said I wanted to not be in his class anymore, but they said I couldn't switch out. So then I told the school I would drop out if I couldn't switch, and then shifted my argument that the professor should be fired even though he has tenure and started to cry. Then the dream fast forwarded like two months when I was living peacefully, but the professor who wound up being fired kept on trying to kill me, because I took away the one thing he enjoyed doing- having a false sense of authority over people as a professor. So he continued to hunt me until he eventually died of that initial cancer.
2015-02-07 09:22:53


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