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Last night I dreamt that I was in a building with several groups of people (almost as if the groups were going to have some sort of competition) at each station (opened room) there was a window or opening that allowed u to get into a large pool of water (I'm not sure how the building would not flood upon opening window, bc it was similar to an aquarium, like you are under ground somewhat and can see the animals swimming... Except there were no animals in my dream, just a clear, calm large pool/tank of water)... My group was getting ready and we had a human head (no body, just head) to use for the competition... The head looked exactly like a human head of a man (not sure who he was) except his head was almost robotic or like a computer of some sorts filled with all the knowledge we would need... Although this head looked just like a real human, when he opened his eyes they would looked like electrical green computer codes lighting up and uploading to the brain (which I could not see the brain just had a sense that's how it worked) someone came by and told us to get ready to start soon... I think 1 teammate walked outside and we were going to send someone to get him and we decided to also walk over to the middle of the building to a community closet charging station to put our "head" on a charger before we began to make sure it was fully charged... We felt confident that we were going to win... We left the head charging and saw our last teammate walk in and were talking with him and began walking back over to our group station and as we did we looked out into the pool of water and saw that someone from an opposing team dropping our "head" into the pool... 1 of our teammates ran outside and was about to dive in to get the head so maybe we could salvage it.. We were all upset and knew that the water would ruin the technology we needed in the head to win... At the same time my teammate was diving in the water from the top, my other teammates opened the window and I swam through it thinking I would help, our head had made it to the bottom of the pool by this time and as my teammate and I made the swim to the head, he picked up and as soon as he did blood starting gushing out from the base/neck of the head and I was confused why the head without a body and full of technology would have human blood in it and grossed out that I had to swim through it... I closed my eyes and silently told myself I could do it, just keep swimming back to the window and I would be okay and we would figure it out... As I began to swim towards the window under water, I could feel that I was swimming through the warm blood and was feeling grossed out, but kept telling myself I could do it, I was almost there. And I finally made it back to the window opening and opened my eyes and saw my teammate holding the head and a cloud of red blood in the water, I helped him get inside with the head first, then I swam through the window back inside... And then I woke up my dream and have wondered why I would dream something like this... I was not scared in my dream and I was not scared upon waking... I am just curious as what this dream could mean and what I can learn from it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
2013-12-12 05:56:32
Before I type my dream I want to explain that I have the most vivid dreams ever, I can feel everything during my sleep and remember the feeling when I wake up. I had a dream of walking through a beautiful field, it was an early morning, I could feel my skin bathing in the warmth of the sun, and see it shimmer of off my skin, I was barefoot and could feel every grass between my toes, and the dew that hung on the tips of the grass, I can remember the scent of every individual flower, and I can remember the wind and the feeling of it as it blew through my hair. When I set and think about these dreams I even feel it occurring as if the dream was happening right now. The dream I am about to tell I have researched and find my dream is a little different so I want the meaning of my dream. In my dream I was a leader of some sort, I had an education in a field with the brain, and genetics. I was a well known man, but I became even more popular after my most recent experiment that succeeded. I mastered the ability to completely placebo affect our bodies through meditation. I was able to trick my brain into certain beliefs and broke the impossible in a lot of ways, with further studies in my dream I found my ability to placebo affect was actually shifting parts of my DNA and adding new letters to code me. I discovered that I was mutating my self and evolving with my own beliefs. What I became well known for in my dream was being able to breath underwater. In my dream it took time to perfect the skill to begin with I could do it for only minutes, then hours, then days, and then forever it seemed. I received awards and became even more popular for my perfection of the brain and the placebo affect. The dream started to come to an end when I found that I wanted to teach one other person how to do this. I discovered after I awoke that what it took was complete peace with the world, and meditation high levels of meditation, the person I taught was my best friend Tyler. We were able to deep sea dive, and explore the beautiful ocean and go where others could not. The dream ended during and expedition. So to explain myself I am actually a very at peace person. I do meditate for real to find peace, I have placebo affected myself in a lot of ways, I have learned to drop hate in fooling my brain that hate is a wasteless emotion, with this I have found love for everyone and people I completely at peace, I tell my self at night that I want to wake up happy and have to and believe I will and I do. I have perfected hiccups, when I get the hiccups I simply tell myself that I have them and they disappear all of this only occurs because I believe it all works whole heatedly and it does. I am a very relaxed person, I recently have been finding I am lucid dreaming more often as well, and my best friend Tyler is appearing in a lot more of my dreams. I can describe how it even felt to breath underwater as well. Our lungs had a water filtering system that transformed water to oxygen almost like gills. It was heavy and hard to breath but after awhile became easy at first it felt as if someone was pressing on my lungs hard and then they became stronger and it was not a problem to breath. The could create air bubbles constantly anytime. I really want an interpretation of this dream.
2013-12-11 13:37:49
Well the first time I had the dream it was this college. And I was flying around on a broomstick and the professors were yelling at me telling me to slow down and not fly and stuff but I wasn't listening I was flying and having fun. The next time I dreamed that I was in the school around friends in the dorms and stuff and for a few days I dreamt of dorms and walking and talking to people in them. Um but I keep having dreams of a university. well the more I dream about the school the darker the dreams gets and a few nights ago I keep dreaming of dead bodies in the school and torn bodies in half using their hands to move. And inside the school is this basement they tell you to not go in because its dark and you get lost and there creatures in there. And in my dream I went down there once and its like a huge underworld and its just beige columns that stretch down and you are only standing on a bridge to support you but you cant see down because its too dark...and one of the nights i dreamt of myself leaving the university and going to this building with someone and like it was a random person, i never turned to look at them just listened to their voice so i couldn't tell who it was, but i go to the building and it was like a dorm, but it was abandoned except some students still choose to live there. so since they lived there, they lived on the very top high floors so no one could catch them but it was like they could fly to get to the top so me not having the broom and afraid of heights i had to climb which was weird but after i got to the top i met up with this girl from middle school i knew and a person i knew from high school and like i had ***** with them and made out with them and like i woke up after. But then Last nights thou was so twisted and confusing... Last night started out with me and my mom visiting the school to meet with a priest who had an event he invited me to. So I went with my mother and we had to walk thru dark parts of the school, and the school was decorated for halloween though so you couldn't tell what parts were actually dark but somehow i knew. We walked past certain parts and people were dressed up and there was this guy that was like in a costum that made it look like his body was in half and he would just jump out and scare us but we all got a kick out of it because we assumed all those parts were fake. It was weird because at first i was sure which things were real and werent but with that guy i assumed it was fake...anyways.... well we get to the classroom and its bright and wonderful, and the priest begins talking and my mom is whispering to me saying she doesnt like this and i told her to hush and go stand by the wall and she goes and the priest mentions he's gay and has a boyfriend and so my mom chuckles and yells "wow are you *****ing serious, I don't support gays" and I shout at her and everyone is quiet and the priest gets angry so i apologize and go out of the room for a sec and grab my cell and called my dad to tell him what happened. When i come back in the classroom to get my mom i find my mom stuffing herself in her purse for me to carry her out and i yell at her in the bag and i tell her to get it together and apologize to everyone in the room again but they all just give me dirty looks. So i walk out and go past the hallway we came past before knowing the guy from the hallway (the guy with the half bodied costume) was there and i was going to ask for directions out because i never been to that part of the school before. So I walk over there and its super dark and i can only see the light shining from the hallway i had been by so its dark. All of a sudden the guy jumps out at me and I'm startled but the guy is grunting and moaning and i realize he's actually dead like a zombie and he is torn in half and he's crawling to me so i throw the purse with my mom in it towards the hallway i had been by and i throw down a book case to stop the guy from crawling anymore but he tries climbing over the fallen bookcase but i go to grab my mom and run and i dont see the bag so i jump over the zombie and run to the dark hallways thinking i just dropped her and forgot but she wasnt there so i turn back and the zombie is back in the dark hallway again as if he reappeared and s*****ed back in that area (like he ended up back where i first saw him at and not near the bright well lit hallway I MYSELF had came from) so I turn to run again and the lights from the hallways i was at turn to dark red and the priest is standing at the end of the hallways with his glasses illuminating. i turn because the zombie is still crawling and i shout help and turn towards the priest but hes gone so I the bookcase i knocked down on the ground but i keep running over it and head to the bathroom in the school and try to find something that can help me kill the zombie but when i come back the zombie is under the bookcase so i take him and pick him up with one hand and take him to the toilets and i put him in while still holding his head and like his guts and brain go down the toilet but his skin is all in my hands and his eyes are rolled back and it feels like dead me so i drop him. and I run to my old hallway but now thats dark and so i see the stairs leading towards the basement of the school and a sign saying "Once you go down, this is not a game." (I vividly remember what the sign said because it scared me....I realized its hell when I woke up) and in the basement I hear a huge blast and my sister and some of her friends laughing and shes acting as though shes playing video games like call of duty. And as I'm standing near the basement stairs and the hallway i just start to run into the wall and when i run to hit the wall i woke up.
2013-11-19 07:35:40
vomiting brain
2013-11-17 11:44:41
vomiting brains
2013-11-17 11:44:20


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