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2014-01-13 11:45:48
I was leaving from a girls night out and one of my friends are drunk. So we got invited on a party bus. On the bus were unknown professional basketball players and other women dress provocatively. I was wearing a shirt and leggings. Their were enough women where they can each have a man. My friend who was drunk started to get mad because she was not drinking anymore. So on the bus I would stare at every man, but there was one who gotten my attention. So we were speaking to each other. Then, the bus stopped at a fancy hotel. We had a hotel party but at the end of the party every girl had a man. And I had the same guy I was talking to on the bus. We slept in the same room but we just spoke the whole next. The next day came we he want me to come back on the bus with him and go to the game I was apprehensive at first but then I said yes. When we got back on the bus half the girls weren't there. The bus started up they said we're going to the mall first. I knew the mall we we're going to because my sister worked there and she needed money for the rent. So I gave her $3000 cash that I got from the stem in the mall. The player walked with me to give my sister the money. He smiled and then my sister pulled me aside and said he was just a drafted basketball player for the Lakers. I wasn't surprised. After I went to buy an outfit. Then, we left and headed to the bus. We started to head the games because they had to check in for the game. The girls and I waited on court side seats. It actually wasn't that bad. The game finally began it was really good. The won the game that night. So the girls and I met the men back at the bus. Went went back to the same hotel for a party but the gentleman and I left after an hour to go back to his room. We started to speak again then we winded up kissing which lead to us having ***** I made him scream so loud. The we finally fell my head was on his chest. I woke up earlier then him took the room key and went to get us some food and a coffee. When I came he was just waking up and I gave him breakfast and I gave him a kiss. Then, he got up and I told him I enjoyed everything but I need to get to my house and check on everything and get some fresh close. I invited him and his team over but I warned him that it wasn't that big. He said yea him and the team will come over. So we all got up got on the bus and went back to my house they were surprised that young person like me had such a big and beautiful house.
2014-01-13 08:50:57


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