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Dream 1 This dream was weird , kind of like the hunger games just with a little less action. It was a compition at school we were all split into 12 groups. Basically all our friends and some others were in our group (except emily and marci) this compition was a singing compition and our mentor were Mr. Billiet and Mrs. Burch. The 1st day was were we were split into groups to hilight our voice someone would be the main singer and you would have two other people for your harmonies (they told us all the rules on the intercom and they said we would have our own personal stylist for other arenas and proformances also some people in our group were Daniel, Alexis, Dylan, Alec, Chelby, Bella, Arissa, Jlo, you and others) We are on locked down and all of this is televised to the public and you cannot leave unless get kicked out or escaped. We also had stages through the day where we had physical challenges they gave us trainers who were Coach Tucker and Coach Worms were you suited up in amour with a few group mates and grabbed a weapon and you fought off people to get goods from the other side and come back alive and if you died you were taken somewhere unknown. But the 1st day we didnt have a physical challenge we all went into seperate rooms for rehearsal you couldnt even listen to another’s proformance even if they were from your group. On the second day of hilight you ,me and Alec were in my group it was my hilight and you were my harmonies they handed us a song and we go to work of course safe and sound. The dream switched to different rooms Dylan was paired with Daniel and Dylan sang only human by jason maraz as coffee was his harmonies the list goes on and days went by and the only way to get food and water was through physical challenges.Me, you, Daniel, Dylan, Alec, and Alexis were always were a physical challenge group we mostly had the guys fight while me ,you ,and lexi run and grab in this challenge Megan Rocha was coming at you daggers in her hands but luckily i had a bow and arrows I grabbed one and shot her before i could think I stared at her body not believing I killed someone. My 1st kill. We all looked at each other in shock but we had to keep moving and get back to the quaddrent. We ran as fast as we could the guys were still fighting off brainwashed students that were trying to get to us many bodies lay around them as we get closer to them and only a couple of them were left we yell at them to run witch they drop everything and ran we pass the other students one snarled at me and jumped on my back with a knife in hand but before they could do anything they lay dead with a spear through their skull I look at Dylan and his weapon’s gone indicating he threw it we all keep running and make it back to the quaddrent with all the goods we could carry we lay them and every starving person runs toward us and digs in on the bread and berries we *****ed and chugged the little water we had. We go to rehearsal again but today was duets, me and Dylan were paried and had to sing somebody that I use to know (note for phychall^: our group was the only group to not be brainwashed our mentors and trainers wouldnt allow it) you were paired with Bella and you sang if i aint got you by Alicia keys. Our team had the most people left others were dead or were kicked out from their performances , weeks went by and our group still had everyone in it but in a physical challenge Dylan and Alec got stabbed. Dylan in his side and Alec in his leg. We tried to stop the bleeding once we got back to our quaddrent. All the people who werent in another physical challenge or had to do in a proformance help in all they could some people got bandages from a good bag we got a few days back and wrapped up the two. A hologram appeared and the face of a gamemaker he started speaking and said two of us would go and get a bag from the center of something that would be of value to us. We both knew it was meds for the guys me and you looked at each other and knew we would go. We only had 30 minutes to get to center and get the hell out of there, only four groups were left and we had to face them. Before we left we hugged everyone just in case and headed out the quaddrent we made our way through the ‘arena’ trying to get to the center making good ground for what little time we had 12 minutes left and we could see the center in sight we ran as quick as we could we made it to the center and Emily was there grabbing a bag, we looked at her and she was clearly brainwashed her eyes had no light. We snuck in trying for her not to see us but we tripped over something and she turned around giving us a death stare she headed toward us and i shouted at her to stop which she did and looked at me with the most evil glare i told her in a clam voice “We need the bag for Dylan and Alec, they’re hurt.” She looked at us confused trying to remember past the brainwashery, she looked up as if she did remember and nodded toward me so i ran toward the bag grabbed it, and we ran as fast as our bodies could take us. 3 minutes left and we were almost to the quaddrent when I heard a noise i instantly stopped this was no ordinary challenge I thought to my self and I was right. I handed you the bag and drew a arrow looking in every direction out of no where giant lions were chasing us our eyes got huge and out of instinct we ran like hell the quaddrent was so close but the cats were catching up but we tricked them by going a different way but we knew a different entrance and slid into the quaddrent. Everyone turned toward us and sighed in relief we ran toward them and gave the meds that were in the bag and only time was the healer. The next day we had another proformance but Daniel took the place of Dylan and Alexis the place of me so I could help heal the two . One day on the intercom the said only two groups were left all of us and group 8 but only for were left from them either we had to kill them in a physical challenge or they would be kicked off if there was another proformance. We all suited up for a physical challenge this time we were all going in. The last thing my dream was my face ready to fight and i said “Let’s do this!” and we all cheered as we jogged out the door. This was one crazy dream!
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