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i dreamed on host commander
2013-03-20 09:26:23
i dreamed on Duck Commander
2013-03-01 21:05:08
my dream is about a hostage taking situation. started when i was waiting for the jeep to ride on, but then no one will pass by. so, i walk, then i stop in a army's camp which i saw a friend. unluckily, the hostage taker throw a granade which most people scared and panic. in a blast, the granade was crashed on me while i was in a crawling position holding my ears. I was frightened when i saw the granade, i hold it and throw to nowhere then it burst! the hostage taker get a one person to be his hostage. after that i got the chance to run to go inside the camp but then, the commanding officer was busy giving command to his man, on the other hand i saw the accomplice of hostage taker on the camp planting a bomb inside. i panic, i go to commanding officer to tell the situation but the commanding officer ignore me. i find myself out to camp then i escape. i was walking along in the unknown street suddenly a girl shouted that a bandit was coming. The girl get inside the house which i dont know why i followed her to get in. The bandit was passed by then i get out myself in the house and thank the girl. I was walking again in a unknown street and afterwards reach the highway, i saw a few jeepneys but they dont want me to ride them, i saw my son holding the hands of my friend and shouted calling thier names but they didnt hear me at all, i run to catch them but i lost them to my sight. Then, my cellphone rungs and answer it, 'twas my sister, she ask me where i am, i told her i was in a highway to unknown place. she hang up the phone. then, i find myself walking again to unknown place but i woke up because my cellphone is alarming.
2012-08-24 16:43:01


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