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I was in my old house that burnt down on December 27th 2000; everything was rebuilt by this point. I felt extremely happy to be back in my old home. Most of the rooms in the house were the still the same and a little cluttered. Except for the upstairs (mine and Shelton’s bedrooms were modernized.) There was an odd person in my dream though. It was a person that I have not seen consciously before. He was wearing all black and not much taller than me and around the same age that I was in my dream. He kept pushing me, at first I would take it as an accident but it began to bother me in my dream. I said something to someone that was portrayed as the father figure in my dream but in real life is just an associate I work with, Glenn. Though he looks like Glenn he still has my dad’s personality. I mention that the next time he pushes me I was going to hit him and let him know how rude. Then I’m standing in the kitchen when this person comes up from the hall of what lead to the laundry room, he rudely pushes himself by Dan (my boyfriend) who was working at one of the counters. Seeing that he was headed my way I turned to face him. At this point he puts both hands up and pushes me in the chest to the point that I topple backwards into a cast iron collapsible shelving making it fall over with me. In my dream I had been hoping that Dan would see him push me and say or do something so I was relieved that Dan was in the room at this time. But instead of Dan saying or doing something to him he replies to me “what are we five? Do something next time.” At this point I feel a little peeved and embarrassed and go into the dining room where Glenn is sitting where an old desk used to sit against the wall to the kitchen, I mentioned what happened but he doesn’t respond. I continue walking through the dining room towards the living room and I see two small bean bag puffs on the floor that has two cats sleeping in them. I realize the one to be Purcy and instinctively want to go over to pet her but I stop because I realize she has passed and I notice another Persian looking cat next to her who I also recognize to be another passed pet. I wasn’t scared but more wanted to be sure I wasn’t crazy so I excitedly but at a normal level call out “Daddy! Daddy! Come look! Hurry!” he (Glenn) doesn’t respond again and I see the cats get up and walk towards the back of the couch. I realize that once they are out of sight they will disappear and I will have no proof that they were there. Then the scene goes to me sleeping on the couch and the house is dark, I have Spunky (another passed pet) by my side and two kittens on the floor near my feet. At the same time they get up and all walk towards the laundry room which startled me and I felt scared. I get off the couch (I’m wearing my pink and blue plaid pj shorts and socks with a white t-shirt on, why this stands out to me I don’t know) and walk towards the stairs that take me to my brothers and I’s room. I notice that the door to my room is closed still but I have no interest to see what it looks like but know that that is my room and I don’t feel willing to give it up. I knock on Shelton’s door and slowly open it and notice it’s uncomfortably warm in there. “Shelton something happened and I’m scared will you come look at it with me.” He was sleeping when I do this so he slowly stirs and responds “yeah sure” and removes the covers and gets out of bed, I notice he is sweating from the warm room. We then go down the stairs towards the laundry room. And he says “isn’t it nice that we have our old house back” I don’t say anything but at this point we are now in the Odd persons room that was the old cold laundry room. All of the animals are sitting on his bed in the semi crowded room and it is cold. Shelton and he begin talking and laughing around. I ask him why he stays in this room. He doesn’t say anything just shrugs and I tell him we have other rooms available in the house that are warm. Then I hear a couple talking outside. I glance out the window where I notice the drive way is very different and it is packed with cars that I don’t recognize but assume them to be from a Christmas party. They are parked in and are talking about how they are going to get out. I open the decaying window and explain that if I move my Saturn they may be able to get out. Once I do that I go inside and begin worrying about which room the odd person will take. I know the room upstairs is mine but I have yet to go in it and see what state it’s in. I realize that the room next to the living room is also closed and I begin to wonder which room I want but I’m scared to open the doors to see the states of the room. I instantly begin to think that I should call Logan (my ex boyfriend) because he would know what to do being that he had a home that burnt down when he was young. I take out a flip phone but I can’t seem to call him something is holding me back from doing it… literally. Then I wake up…?
2013-01-25 20:41:03


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