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i dreamed on the dinosaurs
2013-03-16 00:23:47
As i woke up on the porch of a run down 2 story ruggedy shack i quickly realized i have had this dream before. i quickly walked into the house and darted up the stairs. i saw a huge hole in the side of the house and looked out. While i was looking out i heard a teeth rattling soul shaking roar of a dinosaur. i knew from my previous dream it was a t-rex type dinosaur but not a t-rex. I crouched in the corner of the second floor so that as the dinosaur looked in he could not see me. He soon left the area and i heard a person yelling and i quickly ran to them and said “stop that yelling he knows everything that goes on. EVERYTHING.” the person quickly agreed to follow me. we went into the house again and i quickly remembered there was a landing through the other side of this jungle. we left the house and started to run for the tree line. right after we entered the tree line we heard that iconic roar only the dinosaur could make. we looked around and saw foliage and a log which we hid under. The dinosaur walked by to investigate and did not see us so he left again. we got up and kept running in the same direction we saw where the tree line broke and right before we crossed it i stopped us just short and i said “wait he knows when we cross this line he will be here in a heartbeat”. we then saw that there is another tree line just 30 yards from the one we were at so we sprinted for our lives. we heard the roar just as we got half way across the clearing. he came to the tree line and clearly saw us but he stopped like he wasn't able to leave that jungle. we crossed into the other jungle and i stopped dead in my tracks to see automated electronic sensors in this swampy water that would pop up and electrocute us if we entered the water. i soon realized that i was being hunted for some reason that which is unknown to me. i asked my partner what we should do so we went back to the clearing and saw that it continued into a field and we heard the dinosaurs roar. i soon had to wake up for school and the dream ended.
2013-02-12 21:04:36
2013-01-18 00:15:50
i was hunting dinosaurs
2012-12-31 02:19:21
hunting dinosaurs
2012-10-25 08:53:25


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