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eating butterflies
2014-02-22 08:07:59
A few explorers and I discover an underground church that is flooded up to our waists and is very dark. As we enter the underground church a dead body pops up from under the water, at first we are startled, but then we move forward. As we enter the main chamber, we see that there are chains wrapped around the pews, rafters, pretty much everything. When look up to the front of the main chamber above the preachers podium and we see a girl. The girl is drenched in darkness, pretty much like the girl from the movie "The Ring", she is crying and we notice that the chain is attached to a collar around her neck. We talk to her and get her to stop crying. At this time, light shines through to the church and all of a sudden all the towns people are in the church helping untangle the girls chain and release her, as well as my wife and new born baby (which I do not have either in real life). During one point of untangling her, my conscience becomes her, and I am now her swinging through the rafters to untangle myself. Once untangled, my conscience goes back to myself. We break the chain loose from the collar, she instantly flies across the room and grabs my newborn baby from my wife and she threatens to kill it. We subdue her and get the baby from her. Then, while holding a crucifix close to her, but not touching her, the preacher tells her that she should become a christian. We flash forwards in the not too distant future, and she is now living with my wife and I, and she seems to be well. We go to a fitness center to do yoga, but she overhears some kids on the basketball court making fun of her. So, she goes to the basketball court, turns into some kind of monster with a huge spike coming out of her stomach, and kills the kids. We fast forward into the future again, and she has now transformed herself into a beautiful blonde woman, which I end up falling in love with and leaving my wife for.
2014-02-21 21:34:40
2014-01-10 06:50:55


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