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The room is in a large historical grand basilica style building. The room has huge columns holding up high cathedral domed ceilings. The room has no furniture. The room’s only natural light source came in through many windows and open doorways to semi-dimly light the room. I was being judged unfairly because the 3 white people did not give me a chance to defend myself to the 1 white person they were speaking to. It’s daytime, I entered a room and see 3 casually dressed white people (1 female, 2 males) I did not recognize life in real but supposedly knew in the dream. In the dream, the 3 white people knew me. The 2 (1 female, 1 male) of the 3 white people were standing talking negatively about me as if they were trying to discredit me unfairly (because I was not given a chance to understand what is being said against me and not given a chance to defend myself) to another white person (1 male who he did not know me and seemed neutral) who is dressed in a standard government military attire. He is a person having authority (but acted as an ambassador or a guide in his position). I felt the need to be given a chance to be heard and to be understood instead of left to feel wrongfully accused of something I was not even given a chance to understand in this dream to have caused the 2 white people not to like me. In frustration to understand the situation and resolve it, I attempted to approach the group of white people. I am outside in the desert standing in a crowd of white people during the day. The entire nation is in danger and all people are trying to escape. I am in the crowd trying to investigate what is causing the danger and to try to find out why everyone are rushing and panicking to leave and where. Massive amounts of white people rushing to secure a spot in any of the two separate lines to enter checkpoint to the departure gateways. Looking up from below a nearby staircase, I again see 2 of the white people who do not like me. The 2 white people look at me (It was at this point in the dream I realized in real that I’ve been involved in a series of this particular dream. They urgently followed the white person with authority who led them to walk through a solid rock wall similar to the Jerusalem walls. Their bodies passed through a solid rock wall. I later discover the wall is separated in 4 consecutive sections and appear to be solid rock. However, each block is embossed with an arched border framing a secret portal. The portals are not obvious because there were no visible physical door to open. I ran up the top ridge of an inclined wall where there was a wide (about 10 foot wide), flat, and clean path with a clean brushed steel railing I did not use along the path. When I arrived at my destination, I rushed up to the 1st solid rock portal from my left standing in front of me. Without doubt and without hesitation, I easily walked through the solid rock wall with confidence and urgency to seek for answers and explore. The experience if walking through solid wall was the same as walking without obstruction. In my urgency to enter, I was able to glimpse a posted note written on a blue lined white paper like a piece of paper torn from spiral bounded notebook. The note was pinned on the rock wall with a red push pin tack. The note stated that particular portal next departure is going to leave at 10:31. The note was clearly understood by me that whoever enters this particular portal would have to wait until being transported from inside the portal. Within the few seconds that I spent inside the portal, I realized the size inside the portal was more of a comfortable pod size. I understood the portal holding morphs into a comfortable standing *****e of the passenger. From within this portal, I understood the portal is meant to transport 1 person at a time to a destination away from Earth –a destination that is at least neutral or safer than the definite annihilation of good humanity that shall happen for those who stay behind who shall be devoured by evil conquest. I quickly decided to leave this particular portal to try to enter any of the other 3 portals that have no delays in transport because I was eager to investigate the situation and also try to find out where the 2 white people went with that 1 white person who appeared to have authority. I walked out of the initial portal of the solid rock wall. I was going to enter the portal right next to it (the 2nd from my left facing the rock wall), but I thought there is a higher chance someone is already in it, so I chose to try to enter the 3rd portal door from my left which was a few more steps away and because of this reason could have a higher chance of it being unoccupied. I rushed toward it but just as I was about to enter, I woke up in real life.
2013-08-25 10:32:21


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