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i missed my graduation in 1968
2012-11-13 22:04:02
The grade 12's at my school were having their graduation party and me and a couple of my friends were there. The party was really crazy and I was talking to Victoria Borrelli the whole night. We were all at a crowded japanese bar and then everyone decided to go back to Adam's house. For some reason I didn't have a ride home. So I was walking home at 2 am by myself. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do. I started walking to where I thought was Adam's house. There was this older couple walking down the street too. I started crying saying that didn't know where I was going. The woman ran ahead and wouldn't let me walk with her. So i walked with her husband. And he explained to me why she didn't let me walk with her. Then we get down the street to the older couple's home and i realize i found adam's house! But it looked like Kinsey's house. It was really odd, all I remember looking at was the big front window and a view of her kitchen. So we get to Adam's and his whole room is a giant pool. There's hot tub's and everything. Adam was laying on a pool chair naked with a sheet d*****d over him, sitting across from him was my mom. Adam saw me and he said "Oh, let me go put some clothes on." Which made me think that him and my mom had *****. I was sitting with Adam when he came back and i pulled out a purple bikini, a orange bikini and a white one. And I asked him which one I should wear. Jordan Kelly was walking by and Adam had asked him which one I should wear. Jordan said the orange one. So i went to go change in this weird room with no doors it felt like it was a un-used emptied pool. The doors were shower cutrains. For some reason Brandon Hoskins was there and so was Ty and Troy Smith. I was trying to change and Brandon and Ty kept opening the curtains while I was changing. And Brandon saw me naked. Then I got out and tons and tons of people were there. I was super drunk. And there was this brunette lady that was there who I know because she's friends with my parents. I was so scared because I was super drunk and I didn't want her to tell my parents. She said "Hey!" and I was like "Hey!" avoiding to look her in the eyes so she couldn't tell I was drunk outta my mind. Then I ask how she is and vice verca and slowly step away to avoid conversation. After that I found Adam and we started fooling around by the pool.
2012-07-05 14:07:41
Washing of bowls, graduation
2012-05-25 01:41:18


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