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I was sitting at some place with some guy and he asked me “wow so you’re going to Arizona this fall?” And I said yeah and he asked me where i wanted to live after I finished school, so I said, “I don’t know. Probably either Arizona, Alabama, or Maryland.” And I’m not sure how we got on the subject but he said that he told Ethan (a guy that I used to like/think I was in love with but never told him how I felt) I was in love with him, so I got all *****ed off and upset, then he said he got Diane (an old woman from my church) to talk to him about if or something and that somehow everyone found out. I ran away because I was so furious but didn’t have anywhere to go because I wasn’t familiar with the place. I ran to my car but then ran back into the room with that guy, glared at him, and sat in this chair facing the other direction. Tons of people started coming in, like my grandparents and some other people, and they all gave me these sympathetic looks but I ignored everyone. Then Ethan came in and sat in this chair close to me but I still ignored him. They all started watching some movie or something and when it was over everyone started filing out except my grandparents, Ethan, and the dude that told Ethan I was in love with him. I glared at them and ran out of the room. Ethan started chasing me but I kept running and when I was a good distance away he screamed my name and I screamed “***** you!” He continues chasing me and I started looking for a place to hide. I ran to the parking lot and considered hiding behind a car or just driving away but decided against it. I ran to the opposite side of the building where he started chasing me on and just sat in the grass and figured that I didn’t even care anymore, he can find me if he wants to. Then I started wondering if he loved me too and if he would kiss me right there. He found me and ran over, but I woke up before he said anything.
2014-01-09 19:55:25


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