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I had this dream last night, i woke up three times and still went back to the same basic dream. I have been searching for an answer as to why this dream has stuck.. I rarely remember my dreams but this one, this one is different! To begin the main characters were me and this man who through various scenes in the dream i found we were madly in love, but this love was deep it was pure it left me speechless. It was once in a lifetime and i cant shake the feeling that is important. Anyways we were in love and towards the end we were planning to get married. And for some reason his eyes were dominant for the entire dream, they were blue. I had a picture of what he looked like, a basic image and although i called his name in the dream i was unable to recall it.. Its kinda strange i would try to remember his name in the dream but could only recall it at the the way i have never seen this man or his face.. Im going to call him blue eyes.. The dream begins with a gloomy grey house, it was very large and me and Blue Eyes were there.. We were being chased by something i couldn't see and we began to fly to escape. I got stuck and somehow was unable to make myself rise higher in the sky, but then He saves me. Then the dream shifts and we are driving through my home town in a huge 18 wheeler and we come to a construction on a hill and being inpatient Blue eyes drives on the side of the hill, still in the Semi, and we are sideways on this hill and i was terrified and stuck to his side and he maneuvers the construction zone and misses all wholes and craters! Then the dream shifts and we arrive at this home that strangely resembles my Aunts old home but it was more lavish and larger.. I was thinking of a baby while we were walking the porch and we come to a swing in which my grandfather (papa henry) who is dead in real life, is sitting with a woman i don't recognize.. I ask my father who i am estranged with why he is here and he says its just what it is.. Following that a huge ball or dance is taking place in the house and a huge woman accuses me of messing up the music i walk to another room to discuss it with her and my mother, who i has never been constant in my life, shows up and defends me.. I walk away and go in search of my beloved all the while thinking of a baby.. I come to this room with just a chest in it and i open it to find something left for me by my dead grandfather, it was odd because it was a chest my grandmother on my moms side whom i was raised by, owned. I left with a piece of the gift and went back searching.. I came upon my mother and questioned her about the box and why i was never given it.. She gets angry and says she is leaving which is typical of her and i just wanted to leave. I head to the terrace on the roof and find my mother and her mother( the one who raised me) arguing and i ask have they seen ..... ( this the point in which i call his real name but i only have the lasting impression of his name).. My grandmother points to the side of the roof and he stands at the bottom arms crossed and with an angry face. She says he was threatening to turn my mom in for something ( she has a history of being in prison) and i new they were lying because anytime in real life they have always caused problems when it comes to me meeting new people and the ones i love.. I simply tell them to turn around an not look back because i was going to jump off the terrace into his arms which i somehow knew he would catch me, but also i was still capable of flying/floating.. I jump and land in his arms and i knew he was innocent and he was only trying to protect me then they( my mom and grandmother) come to the side of the terrace and ask how and i then let years f frustration out on them saying," this is typical of you, yall constantly do this and you would think you would learn.. Why cant you see that i am happy. Your just jealous and trying to ruin this.. If you want to be apart of my life, see us get married, have children then you will apologize to him and me.. You know how to reach me" then he kissed me and we left.. The dream ends with a sort of peaceful happiness and everything was as it should be.. Sorry for the length.. Thank you for your time. Im just looking for answers because this is a very personal dream and it has had a lasting impression all day..
2013-02-24 21:53:22


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