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2013-01-15 18:33:49
I was in a field in the springtime. Many people were with me. Very festive atmosphere. There were those there (6-8 people) who had ultra-light aircraft and were allowing us to take short rides. I waited impatiently for my turn at the airplane and even allowed a few to cut in line and go in front of me but when I was called upon, I eagerly went to it. I throttled up and was almost immediately airborne. The feeling of viewing the field from above was wonderful, but the harness that kept me secure didn't fit correctly or was coming loose. I clung to the aircraft from a dizzying height but still didn't want to land. I flew at various altitudes, mostly above the other aviators watching their multi-colored wings gracefully flit across the field below. I reached a boundary in the field. It was explained to me that I should not fly into this area because the property owners didn't like us to see their property from the air and that their liability insurance would not appreciate one of us crash landing on their property. I turned back to the "airfield" and rose in altitude again. I was saddened to know that my short flight was coming to an end so I used every bit of my attention to remember every detail of the field and other flyers in the air. With no small amount of sadness, I lined up on the runway, decreased air speed and made what I considered to be a less than perfect landing. Engine off. I stepped out and looked back up at the sky I had been blessed enough to be a part of.
2012-10-09 20:04:46


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