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In my dream my current boyfriend kept taking me to places with a lot of people where I was uncomfortable and kept leaving me alone. The first place was a house of someone who won millions of dollars and had four pools that he let anyone come swim in. We left there and went to a huge mall. We had to go down osculating stairs and my shoes got caught. I managed to free my feet but my shoe was stuck. My boyfriend told me to sit on this wall while he got my shoe free. next to me was this older man who was throwing out drugs to everyone. My boyfriend told me to stay there and left me to hang out with his friends. Then my ex boyfriend Brian found me and asked me to walk with him and he made me feel better. As we were leaving my boyfriend saw me and ran down this glass hallway and opened double glass doors to kiss me goodbye because he was going to hang out with his friends. I looked behing my boyfriend was this group of people smiling and laughing. I felt jealous and sad. As he was saying goodbye kissing me three times, Brian who was holding one of the doors standing next to jose, said "it will be ok sweet pea" which is my boyfriends nick name for me. My boyfriend figured I was cheating on him and became angry and I couldnt believe he said that. He didnt know i was in a relationship and in that moment i felt like i was doing something wrong with brian. My ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend were both angry with me so I started walking out alone. I walked downstairs and on to the sidewalk when someone called my name and before i turned i hoped it was my boyfriend or brian but it was someone I didn't know running after me calling my name. It was this nerdy girl she invited me to ride with her and a bunch of people on a party bus. Reluctantly I said ok. The bus was packed people were sitting on top of other people. I was in the front by the bus driver who was drunk and was scared we were going to wreck. We stopped on a road I didn't know and I got off the bus and started walking alone.
2014-01-10 07:38:10
My dream begins with me being at home checking my email on my phone. I had just received a message from the ACT company stating that I got a 24 on my test, which was a big deal to me because a 24 is what I needed to get in order to accepted into the college I want to go to. (My very first time taking the ACT was the day prior to this dream so I can understand why something that has been on my mind so much would be in my dream). Suddenly walking into my old middle school for class. I see a group of my friends and converse with them about my ACT scores and the bell for first period rings. So I start walking to class with my friends when I realize I am going in the complete opposite direction of where my class is located. So I turn around to run to class before first hour starts and I drop my backpack and all its contents spill out into the hallway. I bend down to start picking them up and a friend (Carolyn) begins to help me. Then the fire alarm goes off and all of my friends seem extremely confused, as am I. A teacher that had been walking our way says it's just a drill and tells us to proceed outside. Well as I begin walking out the doors, there is a giant crashing sound and my friend Carolyn turns and yells at me,“Allison! They're saying this isn't a drill and we need to go to the office!” This threw me off because anyone with a half a brain would know that during a fire you are supposed to exit the building, not hide in the office. But Carolyn ran inside so I went after her to pull her back outside. When I reach the doors and get inside the school Carolyn is already at the end of the hallway and turning the corner and I continue after her. But I am running excruciatingly slow. When I finally reach the corner I turn into this gargantuan lobby, where students and teachers are running around like mad. Up on the walls I notice the giant steaming tanks, they resemble water tanks in a way. Each one has a giant light on them and the two of them are flashing red and steaming. The third ones light was glowing green but then begins to flash red as well. So, I'm fighting my way through the crowd and yelling at people to evacuate the building, and trying to get to the front office to see if Carolyn is in there. When I reach the office every one inside is very calm acting and trying to figure out what is wrong. To my right there is a giant black window, the kind that is see through but only on one side. I assumed it was a window that my prin*****l looked through to make sure the office ladies were doing their job. So I ran into my prin*****l's office and he is not there, I look beneath his desk to see if Carolyn is hiding there, but she isn't. Eventually I give up and bolt out the front doors of the school and down the street. As I am running I hear the sound of a giant explosion but I dont look back at the school. Then, I begin thinking to myself, “I know how this dream ends. I'll be running down the street and someone will try to abduct me. Because this has happened to me in past dreams.” Thankfully that was not the case, because quite frankly I am sick of kidnapping dreams too. I see a taxi driving down the street and I flag it down. The driver stops abruptly in the middle of busy traffic and I run towards it. As I climb into the passenger seat, a man driving a mini van behind the taxi yells, “Your driver is drunk!” I peer into the car and the woman behind the wheel does appear to be intoxicated and the silver flask in her right hand doesn't make thing seem any better. I turn to the man and say, “Well would you like to drive me?” I then climb into the car and tell the taxi driver I needed her to take me to the police station so I can report the explosion and then to my mothers work so I can tell her what happened. Also I notice that I have no money with me so I tell the driver, “I can't pay you right now because I don't have any money, but I will pay you when I get to my mom.” The driver seems a little agitated at first about not being paid immediately but she warms up to me. As we are driving around the town I notice that we are passing iconic places that have happened in my dreams. *** you see in my dreams, any place that I visit is a somewhat more twisted version of the real life one. For example I had a dream recently about a local amusement park and the park wasn't the exact same as it was in my dreams.*** I guess we really did take a scenic route because night fall was nearing and the driver took a wrong turn, and we came to a dead end. Once again I assumed this dream would turn into a nightmare, but she just turned around and went the right way. The driver was a very friendly latina woman, we talked about our lives and family and etc. Finally I come home and I run inside and the woman leaves. I remember thinking about how I forgot to pay her, but I got over it. So the dream skips forward a bit, I can't remember what exactly happened between these two parts but the second part is a recurring dream. I am hanging out with another good friend of mine and both of our dads. I am currently texting a boy that I guess I had a fling with in the past? Maybe another dream? Anyways we are talking and I am debating to pursue this kid in a romantic way but I have a lot of commitment issues so I am extremely hesitant. The boy is from another town and suddenly I am driving the kid back to his house, but before we can get on the high way to take him home an officer stops me and tells me I cant drive this boy home because he doesn't have a permit.. There is some sort of giant prison in the background casting a shadow, and something is written on the building in white paint but I can't remember what it was. Then I go into some sort of montage featuring all the officers that have stopped us on our multiple attempts to leave the town and take the boy home. Suddenly I'm at the top of a platform that is equal height with the prison building next to us. In front of me are thin, and steep winding roads. A tall women with white hair in a pixie cuts jumps onto a motorcycle resembling the kinds from the movie Tron. I immediately take after her, chasing her down. I don't know the woman but my gut is telling me to chase her down. Suddenly my motorcycle hits a bump and flies into the air, I hit a helicopter that is flying about and speculating the chase. I get a glimpse of the woman sighing and saying “Thank god she is finally dead.” But I'm not. I emerge from the helicopter and accidentally fall into a building. I'm in this purple room that looks like a young girls room. The lighting makes it seem like its about 2 in the afternoon, I wouldn't know because something giant and purple is blocking the window. I look closely and its a pile of toys. All sorts of stuffed animals are being crammed up against the window. I know that the only way out of this room is by getting out of the window, so rip the blinds of the wall and open the window as high as it will go. I begin pulling stuffed animals through to make room for me to crawl through. Finally I've created a hole and make my way to the top of the pile. Finally when I am standing on top of the pile there are all these children playing in it. Almost excitedly because they had the toys taken from them and I am returning them. The pile suddenly shifts downwards into another old dilapidated building. To my left through a giant hole in the wall I can hear the evil white haired woman talking to me. Sarcastically congratulating me for bringing happiness and toys to the kids around me. She then goes on about this massive weapon that she cant wait to use on me in the other room. I proceed in there and lo and behold there is some sort of laser standing in front of us. But before she can kill me these kids all join up on her and attack her with the toys and we eventually end up pushing her down a hold in the floor to her ultimate demise. And then I wake up.
2013-12-15 12:28:16
3 hooded girls speak in latin
2013-11-03 07:50:36
I was in a warehouse, inside were a large conglomeration of people milling about doing various things, standing in conversations, etc. On the floor were various puddles and messes left behind by dogs, IE: poop, & puke, while in the dream I was convinced the puddles were all poop and was grossed out, and concerned that I might accidently step in it, so as I stood there contemplating how to clean up the mess suddenly Kathy Creighton came up to me, and took me in an embrace and started dancing with me, sort of a waltzy thing, hands clasped in the air, one around the waist, and she pulled close to me as we danced. I became uncomfortable and looked at her asking her what she was doing and if she thought this was such a good idea, and she looked close at me and said "Just listen to me!" and then continued to dance. Then, we danced over to an area in the warehouse where there was an office build-up, and in the doorway was a group of people, one of them, sitting in a chair or on the floor (?) was Aaron, Kathy's husband, he looked *****ed, and his hair was all cut off, like he'd been shaved but there was a stubble, I was very concerned and released Kathy from our embrace and handed her back to Aaron, I think I said "Thanks Aaron..." and he looked up at me with a very distainful look. I went back into the warehouse area where all the messes were, and where Kathy & I were dancing, and noticed that there were sheets of paper towels over the mess-piles, like someone noticed and just tried to cover them up so no one would step into them. I began picking up the towels, grasping the gook in attempt to clean up and in the process got some of the feces on the inside of my lips, UGH! I became freaked out and started looking for a bathroom or sink so I could rinse off my mouth, I walked through another series of doors on the office build-up, I guess it was a bathroom (?) Saw a toilet, and a toilet paper roller, I don't think it had TP on it, there was a plastic bar on it connected to the two posts where the roll attached, and when I moved it there was a light blue light behind it, and it was warm to the touch. In process of trying to find a way to clean myself I lost focus and ended up on the back side of the office build-up back in the warehouse, where there was a refrigerator that had a package of frozen vegitables laying on the top, noticing them I touched the bag to feel if it was room tempreture, it was very cold still so I picked them up and opened the fridge, I looked in and could see the back of the fridge had a window on it to where you could see the back side, I figured that anyone could have made the mistake of setting these vegies on the top of the fridge because the view to the top was very much like the view to the inside (?).
2013-10-24 11:01:14


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