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I was in the attic of an old house, I squeezed through a tiny window in to dirty muddy area where there was this small room where I started putting on all this crazy makeup with white powder and I started altering my appearance changing the size of my nose and mouth and then I tried to go back through the window to get back out but my size had altered and could barely get my head and shoulder through it and the more I struggled the more the room started to collapse and there was loads of spiders and cobwebs falling from the ceiling they were everywhere i was terrified all I could do was try to go the other way,I managed to get out into this really posh garden where I could see people inside the house but the house was mostly glass and there seemed to be no way in and I think I knew the people inside I think one of them was my mam and i think they were shouting at me to come back in but I couldn't hear them and for some reason I lost my temper and threw some garden chairs into a fancy pond and then began running away from the house and down this really long road. I came to a little village and bumped into this really camp guy who seemed quite friendly and he started showing me around and was saying that loads of gay people lived around here and I spotted a guy in leather hat and pants staring at me and the camp one was saying 'its not that I don't like the gays it's just sometimes they're a bit full on' he then took me to his house but we didn't go in, we went up some stairs that were on the side of the house that lead up to the roof. As we got to the top he said 'and these are my friends' and I can't remember exactly what they all looked like I think there were four of them, i know i thought they all looked crazy one of them had a bald head with just a bit of hair on the very top with a ribbon in it and a long flowery dress and she kept saying 'can you see the angels? Look can you see the angels?' And as I looked up I could see what looked like a some sort of robotic kite in the shape of a person and I said 'oh yeah I can see them' but then the more I looked into the sky the clouds turned into people and I really could see them and I felt as though they were trying to help us all somehow, I could've watched them for hours. The next thing i remember I was in this office with a cassette player and headphones and there was a man sitting on the couch with a pen and paper asking me to tell him what I saw with those people he then put the headphones in my ears and I could hear what sounded like binaural beats vibrating in my ear and then I woke up but I felt as though I'd had this dream before.
2013-09-07 18:46:06
2013-07-22 05:33:28
My dream Waking up I see that I'm stuck in a rocky abyss. The ground is brownish-red and the sky is the color of blood. A giant, 20 meters tall stands in front of me. It's skin an odd tan orange. Beastly in size and strength, it looks down at me with it's three eyes. Letting out a roar it begins after me as I quickly try and run away. My effort holds pointless as I run to a high and mighty wall of the red rock that makes up the abyss. The giant quickly goes to ***** me up, and I black out. Upon waking, I find myself in a hotel hallway. I finally get to the hotel room. Opening the door I take in my surroundings. The walls are white. A *****ged light brown carpet sits beneath my feet. Looking toward the window I notice that see-through blue curtains are blowing from a draft. Upon further inspection I realize the window is fully closed, and the blinds are white, and closed as well. A brown leather chair sits across from an old t.v that has *****s and a broken antenna. A small glass coffee table sits in the middle. As I continue scrutinizing the area my father walks in from the bedroom. My mom quickly follows. They both begin talking and I go explore the bathroom. I notice that it's fairly small with only a toilet and a glass bowl on top of it. Looking closer I see that the bowl is full of wrapped condoms. I pick one up and observe it, then put it back. I turn around and my parents are acting rather strange. I pay them no mind. I walk out of our hotel room and feel an odd sense of loneliness as well as a sensation of being lost. As I walk down the hallway I contemplate over these feelings, passing by many doors that I seemed too have already opened. All of them empty. I continue walking until I get too the end of the hall and stop in front of a door. I pull out a golden key and hold it up too the door, unlocking it. I open the door and am surprised to find that not only is this room empty.. It is a complete void. Regardless of common sense, I step into the room, the door and the hotel disappearing behind me. The world moved around me with purples and blacks as well as some deep greens. All these colors swirling around non-stop. I simply watched the colors as they moved. After a few seconds I start too walk again. After a few hours of walking I reach a light and just continue into it, lacking any emotion. Once I enter the light, however, I begin too feel threatened and weak. The world turns dark and empty. Nothingness. I fall too my hands and knees, staring at the ground. (Even though their technically is no ground) seconds after I get dizzy and it feels as if I'm spinning. I then fall down face first unconscious. Upon waking, my vision blurs together and I see that i lay in a hospital bed. The world around me still appears frozen. I stand and walk out of the room. The doctors in the hall like statues. I walk down to the end of the hall into a bright light. After I seem to be engulfed within the blinding light, I awake.
2013-06-06 12:29:21


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