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My husband leaves me
2016-05-16 06:08:35
I was at this place where all Mexican families eat and I see my first love for the first time in 3 years and I act like I don't notice him and then I see my boyfriend and he gets jealous that all the other guys are looking at me and then my first love charly sees me and goes after me while I'm leaving I turn around only to see my boyfriend following and that's when I step aside to talk charly gets near me and tells me how much he missed me during middle school and my boyfriend catches up and asks me who the guy was I said this is my first love my boyfriend Henry gets jealous and gets defensive over me and then I tell him it will all be ok and then I kissed him on the cheek and he went to the other corner staring at me I turned around and looked at charly and I said yea I missed you too but I just hope you can understand and that's when he stops me in the middle of my sentence and asks me do you still love me? I said I never stopped loving you but I also love Henry and he said I understand but just know I will win back your heart and he leaves and Henry walks up to me and starts kissing me and telling me sorry that it's just he doesn't want to loose me and that he loves me way to much and that's when he asks what did he say and I said he said he was gonna fight for me and then Henry said alright let's fight and I said that won't be necessary baby I love you and we both went back to sit down but on the way back he would grop my butt and ***** to show they were his and charly got jealous and that's when I told him to stop before I left and there were no open seats so he sat me on his lap and charly got jealous that's when Henry started to speak to charly and told him how much he loved me and that he would never let me go and I told him to stop and that's when charly said I don't mind after all it was me who brought u gifts and love everyday day and touched your body and that's when I told him to stop and I got up and then Henry and charly got up and they both started saying sorry and I said it was ok and left
2016-04-12 08:34:23
After moving in to a new apartment, an old friend appeared, one whom I'd rather not call friend. After awhile of watching movies and YouTube videos, and playing games, one of my housemates' family members would arrive. I met the person, and he quickly disappeared. He is to return, and when he does, my housemate would prefer that I not be seen. so I set out to find a place to go. just outside the apartment, around the right corner following the street not 2 houses down, I came across a shopping center which was also a complex of apartments, which normally is a very happy place. as I walked underneath the arch into the complex, I had noticed that a family of four hung by their necks on the arch. From what I could tell, the father probably hung his family and then himself as well as a shoe. the driveway had a few horse carcasses, and several other dead animals. flies circling them. I turned to the right to leave a shopping trolly I had found on the way with the rest of them, instead of moving further. I went back home, with a man following me close by. as I stepped into the apartment I immediately and suddenly slammed the glass door shut, blocking the man following me from entering. seeing him leave to my left caused only unease as I felt another presence. opening the curtain in front of me, there stood another man, large, but not bulky or strong or fat, just large. looking at me. I immediately got angered and yelled out from him to leave, which he did after some yelling and provoking. my housmates' family member arrived, I greeted him, and I left into a room with a dining table, and five people. I knew three of them, the other two I could not recognize. I started to pee in a large golden bowl containing some water and scented leaves. while doing so I for a second started to hurt and pee blood. after that it had stopped and went, stopped and went. a blackout moment, and the last thing I remember is after the blackout, my eyes opened with my face in the bowl.
2016-03-02 21:26:45


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