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Dream about ex love,new furniture and dream my husband had last night A bit of background about me. I am married but unhappy in this marriage. My husband too. We live together and both understand it and we live as best friends, we can talk about anything even past lovers. So the dream I had last night was I was back at home in Ukraine with my mum and brother. I was upset and feel sad (as i feel in real life). My real love who i always loved came to my house and wanted to talk with my mum. I sit with brother and sit at new furniture. (All new furniture in flat, i cannot understand why new furniture is so important, but i think it is important in the dream). Mum is talking to my love (my mum has never met this guy in real life because i now live in the uk). My mum then comes to me then says he is very nice guy and is happy. He then sits with me and i feel good and happy. He gave me his hand and I then take his hand and go with him. THE END. NEXT PART IS INTERESTING!!!!! My husband today says last night he too had dream. He tells, me and him travel somewhere with luggage and we meet the guy from my dream who i love, He was with his wife. My husband says i went away with my love and walked away in the distance and never looked back, and he stays with my love’s wife!! How can i have a dream about my love and also how does my husband have a dream about me and my love walking away together?? What do both dreams mean and how do me and my husband have a dream in the same night about the same people? i am confused and dont know what to do?
2013-04-05 12:33:25
Losing luggage
2013-01-13 04:42:56


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