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Had this dream I was flying as a human had it many times before. Started slow with simple abilities and then I was able to go higher and higher. Was flying in and over the woods and water (the way my hometown is)...dream wasn't particularly new or unique. I flew lower over the ground and myself became a wolf, running and jumping over brush and running hard. I became aware of this scent. A very strong and powerful scent. Strange, instinctual, overpowering and definitely SEXUAL. I became I aware that I was being chased by another wolf...a male. I was highly aware and excited - not necessarily a *****ual but a physical and intellectual awareness - that I was being pursued *****ually. I ran faster and, for a moment - like a human thought interjecting at the last moment - was acutely aware that I would be overtaken *****ually and that maybe I shouldn't let it happen - but then I was immediately overtaken and I remember an overwhelming and intense *****ual encounter that was all wolf, totally primal, and intensely innate and satisfying and intimate. It was raw, pure *****ual energy and I remember, at the moment of being overtaken, he grabbed the fur at this back of heck and I was down and relented. It was aggressive and intense but not human and had no other memorable animal details or connotations. I awoke remembering and feeling I had a profound, primal experience but not particularly *****ual. I have NEVER had a dream about wolves before. I do not recall ever having a dream about physically being/becoming an animal before. I am not Native American and know nothing about animal guides or totems. I am older and not infatuated by the Twilight series or any Grimm fairy tales. This would be considered out of character for me but somehow, made total sense as it was happening in my dream. It was as primal as any experience I have ever had before in a dream. No, I don't have a dog fetish! Any ideas?? P.S. This dream occurred while I was taking steroids prescribed to me by my doctor for inflammation. I have experienced vivid dreams while on these meds this past week...but NOTHING like this before. I do not feel threatened by the dream or particularly he'll-bent on figuring it out...just curious as to your opinions. Thanks!
2013-04-08 04:58:22


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