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Brahmakumaris function, I living in a hostel, Kritika says that she got married, I am on the phone, Brahmakumaris People said we have a function, please come out... with a flag... 2 ladies.. I said "We are students of architecture doesnt mean all we do is to sit and plan for you." And I then made fun of them. In this attempt, one of the attendants came in- we had fight- I got a gun and I killed him.. both of them I guess. I ran. The dream then became that instead of me, it was apooorva/? the killer. The fat lady now becomes the girl from Teens React TO. Now, they both run and run No, before that: I was walking on the road holding a cigarette butt. I dropped it. This was seen by the man who supposedly knew that I had killed. He charged me 40 rupees for throwing off the cigarette. I said I dont have any. I walked away as he kept shouting. I entered a building, most probably the same hostel with dim lights where the murder had occured. I feared that she was coming for me. Cut2: She vs apoorva/the famous girl were dancing to a tune.. the dance was very sensuous.. They were descending from the Department of ARP's back stairs... and soon as they stepped to the ARP BT buffer *****e, the fat lady pulled out a knife, and maybe apoorva/kritika freaked out and tried to run. She threw off the knife and it stuck in to the road. She ran and ran. I saw my shoes torn. The black ones. I probably was lucid dreaming then, or something. I thought that these were from the olden times. I basically had no sense if it was reaLITY or virtual world. It was creepy.
2013-09-21 16:37:58
the rich people were poor
2013-07-25 08:55:40


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