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It started off hat seemed like the sixth sense, but I actually had a dad. After getting out of the hospital I asked if mom, it was the mom from the sixth sense, had shown him the sweater, in the movie the boy wore a sweater when he was attacked and the mom found the holes, he said no and looked at me confused, but when I looked at the sweater to show him it had been repaired. We get home and he comes in my room and freezes in fear. I get happy and kinda creepy and ask him whats wrong. He says he sees someone under my chair, I look and no ones there and then a grudge looking girl comes out and attacks him. We try to run, I get to the door and look back only to see the sixth sense mom attacking the dad and I was next. We seemed to be at my old apartment complex from when I was growing up. It as dark outside and I ran around the complex trying to hide and thinking out people that I knew that lived in the complex. I try to run to their house and the mom catches me. The scene changed to the front of the complex where the property meets the road. She turns into a little girl,but I see my boyfriend in her. She starts talking about us growing up as siblings. I asked what if we wanted to date? He looks over and decides to take a boy body, I said you can't you're a twin. He takes two bodies, one for him and his twin brother. The brother was actually there and he picked his body. Me and this little girl go to the restroom and then suddenly I'm laying on this guy in the grass and we're watching a movie. When another guy walks by and it looks like my boyfriend, at that moment I saw the things that changed had e never met, and he claims we've known each other since we were babies. I told him he got it wrong, I guess what he was actually trying to do,and he said I was suppose to be with him and not the other guy. We end up meeting again at this dance concert.
2013-06-19 20:01:00
The dreams theme seems to be stressful situations that I have to deal with. So far I have had dealing with giant snakes, dealing with Zombies and last night dealing with someone from my high school who was pregnant visiting me with her husband. I lived by myself in a house or apartment that was tiny and on 3 levels with steep stairs. she kept going between the rooms (it was like one room per floor) and I was so anxious that she would fall or go into labour. I think it was implied she was near term but I was worried for her safety in this place! I know her and her husband from my high school and it's a weird relationship, like I have them on a social network but we were never close friends in those days. like almost a neutral friend, I like them and have nothing against them. But we were good friends in the dream and she was visiting me heavily pregnant! She was pretty huge in this place which was tiny with low ceilings and stairs and floors! The place is not a real place in my life (I feel a little disappointed that I would live in a place where I would always be going up and down to rooms! almost ashamed of it's layout and size) and also the couple have had children and probably wouldn't be having anymore now in reality. The dream ended when she started going into labour and her husband took her to hospital but everything was safe and okay for their birth. It didn't happen because of me or my property! (lol!) the process just started (I think she was sitting on my stairs with contractions going). In the other dreams I always safely dealt with the situation that arose.
2013-05-28 22:34:22
property business
2013-03-21 04:25:48


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