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poop 3 big silver big bowl
2015-01-07 16:08:45
at a party. it was a big party at a grand venue or mansion, the kind where rich people would have a wedding. it was for randy and i. I think maybe my parents arranged it. everyone i've ever known was there. family, friends, co workers, even people i barely knew. Randy wasn't there because i didn't tell him about it because we agreed not to hang out that night, and i figured he wouldn't be into it, and i kind of wasn't either. i started to feel a little guilty that he wasn't there, but i figured it would be fine. i got really, super drunk off white wine and stumbled my way through a sea of random women i didn't know, one which i thought was my old friend/co worker heather hill. but it wasn't. they rearragned the furniture before sitting and i remember drunenly stumbling through them and maing some joke about feng shui. then i went downstairs, i had been hanging out on the roof, but it was like a chill apartment building roof. when i got in the elevator, randy was there. i was surprised to see him and asked why he was even there. he was offended and was like of course i'm here, and he was *****ed i was drunk. he had his guitar and said he had to go perform. i followed him, drunk and upset, spilling my wine everywhere begging him to not be mad and confused as to why he was. the venue was decorated beautifully. there were deep red decorations everywhere, against a stark white backdrop. tall ceilings, big windows. red hearts, red roses. there was also punk rock decorations, black and spikes and studs. i followed randy outside but lost him. there was a sea of people. it was a huge expansive outdoor area, like what i imagine a country club to be like. there was a little lake with a long dock, and a gazebo, all white. i wandered through the crowds, looked aaround, there were hundreds of people everywhere and i couldn't find randy. eventually i went back inside and down a hallway and he was sucked behind a door. when i found him he seemed unsurprised. behind the door was a world renowed barber shop where he had just gotten his hair cut. he had a black mohawk and it looked amazing. it was stick straight and shiny with red in it, and studs. and it had some clipper work leading from it onto his head. not sure of the design, but it was piecy like leopard print or just a geometrical design. he also had a rat tail from the mohawk with silver accents. it looked amazing. he was putting his shirt back on and he looked at me matter of fact and solemn and just said "i don't think this really has to do with you being drunk" he was implying that we had nothing in common. he said "do you want to just call it quits and leave it at that?" basically like, we gave it the old college try but it just ain't working. my heart immediately sank and i wanted to beg and cry. i woke up crying
2014-10-23 02:49:52
My new girlfriend had a crazy dream last night . She dreamt of walking with a large group of people following her as they were approaching an old medieval castle that was very old and sturdy well built and strong. As she walked through the gardens she came up to a maze which she knew or was familiar with and walked the entire group through quickly and without delay she did not get lost. She then came through the enormous doors and walked through to a very large beautiful open room where there was a feast waiting on her and the group of people that followed her turned out to be royal courtesans accompanying her. She was in a beautiful extravagant gown and was brought into a large beautiful room where a huge round table made of iron and stone and wood very ornate with large comfortable chairs and was sat down next to me . I was dressed extravagantly and wore a headdress was metallic or silver and was covered in rubies . Suddenly a young boy ran over to her and jumped into her lap and called her mom and she at that moment realized she was pregnant and expecting a child soon. She was holding my hand and conversing with me she felt happy . They then served food and wine and after a while she suddenly felt il in her stomach and fell to her knees held her belly and suddenly quickly dies. There was a man sitting next to me who seemed of high status and was yelling the child the child. I picked up the 6-8 year old boy and the man again repeated the child the child. Meaning the one in her belly . I was next to her and was trying to understand what had just happened. As I realized she had passed I carried her to a private room and began to remove and save our unborn child which I eventually cut out of her and saved. She then says the man next to me at the table seemed envious of me and wanted my position. At some point I was locked in my room for several months and would not come out. People were trying to get me to come out but I refused. She then sees that I have also died several years later and the child I saved was a girl. She was now 6 years old and in fear of this man who had assumed command of the castle in my absence. The brother and sister hand in hand ran away from the castle hiding in the woods as this man who was mean to the children searched for them everywhere. The hid by a pond and eventually escaped to a small rural town.. What does this mean?
2014-10-21 07:40:03


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