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broken skull
2013-06-26 04:21:50
skull removal or open
2013-06-26 04:21:24
I was in the house just me my 1 year old daughter and her aunt. My sister was cooking fried chicken and left out the kitchen and asked me to remove the finished chicken from the pot. So I removed it and took the chicken to her in our room. As I was taking the chicken in the room a man with a tattoo on his face near his right eye a red sweater a skully hat and some khaki cargo pants walked in. As I was walking back to the kitchen with my daughter to put some more chicken in the pot the guy looked at us. When my daughter walked past him he said "Awh look at the baby" and nudged her with his foot then she stumbled. It was a playful nugde. Then my daughter gained her balance and started to walk again and the man said again "Awh look at him" and kicked her extremely hard. So I said why you kick my daughter Like that and he looked at me with a look that could kill and said "Because I can". I was so upset and scared that I grabbed my daughter and went in the room. My sister came out to see why I was yelling and said chill out. The man left saying something. I remember it was pouring down raining outside. Then something occured I think the man returned so I grabbed my daughter and my sister and I snuck quietly out the back door in our room. The hill outside Our window and house was tall with wet grass so we were sliding. We went around front and the neighbors were outside talking. So as my sister was talking the man walked past threatening me and giving me threatening eye signals. I ignored it at first but then out of nowhere I yelled "Im going to call the police on you what is your name". Someone gave me there phone why everyone was looking confused. We went back into the house as I dialed 911. Then I remembered we left our back doors unlocked so I ran to my room locked the door ran to the front door to lock it. But as I was trying to lock it a man popped up in the door window and it was him. My cousin came to the door to help lock it then the man pulled out 2 guns saying " Im gonna kill you and everybody in this house I swear". The gun went off. It scared me and everyone in the house. Then I grabbed my daughter ran to the kitchen door locked it and as I was locking it the man popped up at the window aiming 2 revolvers directly at me and my daughter. Everybody screamed "lets get out of here" and somebody scream something about abe lincoln but then I woke up. What does this mean?
2013-06-01 04:39:33
skull in a bucket of water
2013-05-23 05:47:51
Skull cut open
2013-05-10 19:51:19


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