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sarah and me went to the ticket booking office and we were standing in a line, I took a seat and she sat beside me.. a while later the session turned into an active camp sort of a thing and we left mid-way.. but I went back somehow and I lost sarah. I went back, and everything started all over again, but Elizabeth Shue sat beside me this time and then while walking around I saw Mr. Balech and the Robotics Team and a while later I left. In the dance jam, a guy danced with me volunteer. I left and saw the intersection at New York, there were two kinds of subways, express and regular the express went faster. I crossed the road and saw Sadia, she wished me luck and I went to the airport and sat on a couch, a while later it got crowded and I went out to see a bus terminal, and then back in and the crowd went away, and now I hear Mohanlal make commentary, I see my mom, my grandma, her sister (grandma), and my cousin (2 year old). and she goes one and on about the Bible. I was feeling nauseated by her Biblical talk and I said something, she asked me and my mom to get out. We did. And I started telling my mom that sisgrandma had no right to tell us to get out, and she just asked me to go with the flow. And then I thought I had to charge my phone and use the washroom, so I went into the washroom and hooked up my phone and then I turned around when someone walked in, this time I saw urinals.. that's when I realized I was in the men's washroom. I apologized and left and he said it was okay. I went to the women's washroom and everywhere I went the showers would turn on, and in the process I was drenched. I turned around and left the washroom and I saw a few girls and guys from the ticket place coming out of the elevator/staircase. ANd than I woke up.
2012-04-16 06:12:23


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