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i ended up in a house and i was running from aliens a woman or man was with me while running through the house. there were others as well but they had already ran out the backside of the house while making our way to the backdoor of the house we found a piece of alien equipment we were not sure what it was. at first it looked like a gun so i pulled the trigger it let off some sort of sonic pulse. so i waited for an alien to catch up with us and when he did i went to aim it at him. now the device looked completely different. it was a rectangle about 8 inches long and 3 in wide and had a square button on top that when pushed sunk into the object. I aimed it at the alien and when i pushed it i got the same reaction. A pulse went off and hit the alien. The pulse had no affect on the alien. so we bolted out the door keep in mind that the aliens are slower than humans as the walk and cannot run. as i am running through the massive back yard with no fences just land and woods and kind of a swampy terrain i notice a boy laying in a bush trying to hide. i noticed him right off the back so i knew the aliens would as well. i ran to him and whispered come on the aliens are coming just follow me. i bolted and he did as well, running towards the woods. after exiting the woods we, the three of us, came upon the rest of the group standing at a 12 ft chain link fence with barbed wire on the top of it. Past the fence was what looked like a factory or large warehouse there was a high voltage sign on the fence so everyone figured it was an electric fence. One brave soul, they guy who was hiding in the bush, decided to climb it anyway. In that very moment i was afraid for this little guy. i almost yelled out stop! but i held my tongue because him testing the fence was our surefire way to see if the sign was telling the truth or if it was a deterrent we figured out it was not an electric fence and the sign was just bull*****ting us trying to keep people out. when we all got past the fence we went strait to the factory door. As we were Approaching the factory door a woman opened it and told us all to come inside. Once we were inside we met three beautiful girls probably in their early 20's. That is when the group disappeared and the story started focusing mainly on me. The first thing i did was go and help the girls do the laundry. the laundry room, or just a washer and dryer, was located right in front of the main entrance. i talked to the girls laughed and was having a good time. The next thing i remember is the old lady that welcomed me into the factory asked me to go and get some supplies. i set out, but i just appeared in the dollar store i remember seeing toys for children, and there was a little child back at the factory so i decided to grab one. i then appeared back at the factory and was with them for a short period of time as i recall next thing i know i am being chased by this man for a reason i don't remember but it had something to do with his daughter. i got away but could not stay away. the world looks something like a post apocalyptic world with little power and people scrounging to get by. well i don't remember it but apparently in some way thing got to be alright between me and her father. so us three were running down this big hill through the woods and i slipped and fell rolling about 25 feet really fast downhill and landing on a large rock inside a pod that sat at the bottom of the hill. the next thing i remember i found myself laying next to her and i was as happy as any one person can be. i remember emotion just flying around uncontrollably in my head. when i woke in the middle of the night him and his men were setting up and cross. i overheard her father say he was gonna put me on there and keep shocking me with this machine. so ,of course, took off running. the fathers two goons chased me into the woods and i ran into the back of a semi trailer and hid. seconds later on of his goons saw me in there and came to attack me. i ran all the way to the back, with him chasing me, and then i was stuck. we came face to face and i offered to give him 200$ to let me go. The currency was not in dollars i said some weird word that i will never remember. he said " show me the 200$ and maybe i will." Well of course i did not have 200$ so i grabbed a small object and beat his face in with it. with him being dead and the others no-where to be seen i return to try and rescue the girl to take her with me. As i am doing recon her father sees me and starts running strait for me. at that time i have no choice but to run. the girl was standing or crouching i should say on the right side of the truck. i ran a circle around a house and passing by the passengers side of the truck but he was hot on my tail. so i just pulled her hair as i passed by signaling for her to run with me. i remember her yelling ouch and quickly turning her head in my direction, but she did not follow. i Just kept running in fear of what this man would do to me if he caught me. we were in a suburbs in the country. the road i was on was about a 1/8 of a mile and then another road intersected it on the right. I took the road to the right and kept running down it At this moment i am so far ahead of him he cant really see me that well. as i am running down this road i see past the side of a house a 10 foot wooden fence with barbed wire on top of it. i ran to the back yard only to notice people sitting in their sun room. from fear of getting shot i ran inside and asked them if i could hop their fence. i did not give them a reason other than i really have to get across that fence. the owner escorts me to the back yard and stairs at the fence with his hand scratching his chin side to side. he took too long deciding and the father showed up running into the backyard from the side of the house. we both quickly ran inside and i ran strait trough the back door and out the front door. he knew i would do this so he just ran along the side of the house. we met almost face to face in the front yard so i sprinted pushing myself as hard as i could to outrun him. before i know it i am sprinting so fast that he gives up. but i remember thinking at that moment screw everything i am getting as far away from here as possible. and kept sprinting until i was literally exhausted and aching from sprinting so far. and then i woke up
2013-06-10 12:55:15
cross coffin cup hug toys
2013-06-09 03:18:18
I was riding on the left side of the back seat with other unknown people in a burgundy car with a dent in the door. It was a pretty day and we pulled over so I could look at this yard. There were several smaller structures by the house. The house wasn't for sale I just wanted to see it because the yard was pretty. we drove into the grass but not horizontally as we were pulling off the road. A passerby would think it was wrecked. I never shut my car door When I got out of the car and walked. The yard was lines with a plain chain link fence. The grass was neatly mowed on the outside and inside of the fence. There were trees to the left of me. They were beautiful. The house was built on the side of a cliff. There were many decks looking into the hills and area below. Big bay windows and a very cozy homey feel. It was a dark color house. The smaller structures were away from the house and they were elaborate storage areas. One was a wash house to do laundry. There were stairs inside the structure going to the room that held the washer and dryer. The stairs were on the right as the man who owned the house started to show me. He was a common short black man short. He had on blue jeans and a plaid shirt. He was friendly and kind, but irritated. The washer house was littered. It had stuff everywhere. Clothes dirt toys dolls papers. The stairs were narrow leading to the washer room and intimidating. The entire building was dim and musty. Not like the yard. It was beautiful outside but ancient inside. Outdated and depressing inside. We went into the house next. It was the same. Cluttered and outdated. The stairs which were in front of me were so narrow and they curved up far. There were dolls littering the stairwell making it difficult to walk up them. The man was leading me but I couldn't breathe. We made it to the area of the stairs that I felt was half way. To the left I was beside the big bay window looking over the land and the valley. We turned a corner on the stairs and came to the kitchen on the left of me. It had an outdated white stove that was banged up. Black iron exposed where it had been dinged. There were toys clothes and dolls everywhere. It was dark in the kitchen. The floor was vinyl and dirty and torn up. There were no windows in the kitchen. I just had to go. I didn't want to intrude on the man anymore. I thanked him and left abruptly. He never even had a chance to acknowledge it.
2013-05-19 12:09:55
playing with toys
2013-05-08 06:48:54
toys attack the house
2013-03-23 16:51:23


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