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I'm walking through a bright forest. The trees seem to shine in the summer light and the grass is soft against my feet. In my arms is my little cousin. she is in a green shirt with grey shorts on and surrounding me are the people I care about. My 'family' of sorts. My best friend and the person I love is standing on my right. She in in a baby blue dress that looks like the sky. Indigo mixes with the dress giving it a beautiful shade. My younger sister is on my left in a dark purple blouse lined with dark blue. She is wearing black jeans and her hair is flowing in the small breeze. She is laughing with my cousin. My cousin is in a white dress with a yellow ribbon around the waist and her hair is in a pony tail. In front of us, leading the way is my other cousin, and he is wearing a red dress shirt with blue jeans. He makes his way through a small arch created by two trees who's branches twist together and make a pathway. We each enter it and I take notice I am wearing. It's a simple white dress with orange on the straps and a orange ribbon around the waist. I am holding my baby cousin in one arm and in the other a blanket. My cousin puts down the basket he was holding and takes his sister from me as I set out the blanket. We begin to eat and talk, enjoying time together. Time passes quickly and soon we start swimming in a lake nearby. It took up about 1/3 of the meadow and glistened in the sun. I am sitting with my best friend on the blanket when I hear a shot. Looking around frantically I see my sister fall in the water and red pool around her. My cousin who was standing near her screams her head off and runs to my sister through the water only for another shot to sound and her fall. By this time me and my other two cousins are trying to get together but my baby cousin trips and is gunned down. Me my friend and cousin are all together and crying when we start to run. Just as another shot sounds my cousin ducks in front of my friend and takes the bullet for her. We mourn for him but soon start running. We are now lost in the woods and cannot get out and I feel a tugging on my arms to see my friend with a hole in her stomach. I weep as she fades away and start running. Darkness comes and soon a blood red moon rises in the sky. I once again feel pulling but as my arms, legs and dress. I look around to see the dead corpses of everybody pulling at me. Old cut scars now are bleeding and my blood mixes with theirs. I start screaming and crying before becoming weak and letting myself fall into their clutches and waking up after hearing the familiar shout of a gun-shot.
2015-12-08 21:08:27
My dream begins with My dad, his wife and my two half sisters driving home from a family get together in the country. It was well after dark and the girls were fussy and over tired. We saw out the window a small but unfamilliar church as we drove down one of the historical roads with the overarching oak trees (you know , the kind of streets you aren’t allowed to build on or develop?) . From the car we could see the lights in the church were on and people were inhabiting it despite It being late. Dad call from the driver seat , “ hey, Maybe we should go pay them a visit” and I was like “no dad, It’s 11 o’clock at night. Plus, you cant just invite yourself into a church function that’s weird and impolite. “ You just don’t want to go say hi because you think christians are weird” I stopped arguing as we pulled into the empty parking lot ( where were the attendees parking?) . So walked into the church and said hello . The people there were all plump and friendly, and they greeted us as if they expected our company. There was a girl my age wearing a purple sweater that matched the brackets of her braces who wouldn’t stop asking me were I wanted to go to college. The mood changed from jolly to forboding as we decided to leave. The people we met in the church followed us to our car urging us to stay . As we drove home I saw the same church front appear in different places on the route home. Everything seemingly returned to the status quo as we ended our trip and got settled in at home. All the while I was obsessing about the bizarre church and the even stranger people within it . who were they ? Where were their cars? Why were they at church in the middle of the night, in the first place? The next day in chemistry I was telling a friend ( a kid in my chemistry class that I actually can’t stand) about the mysterious encounter and my plan to return the following night. he was like “ whoa , that’s spooky, Don’t go!” and I was like “ I’m definitely going” He said “well, in that case , I’m coming with you” So, we drove out to where the church was passing a few identical churches on the way. We went back to the original site of the church and entered. Its patrons hadn’t left . When we enter they all came at us trying to restrain us. Before they were upon us I tried to reopen the door and escape. I had locked automatically. Then just when the situation seemed most dire, my friend pulled out a pocket knife , and broke a window through which we escaped and sped away in my car. The Church building followed us , popping up sporadically on streets that had been empty before.
2015-11-27 13:01:01
In my dream I dreamed about a family that was struggling and then another family came to help but they were of bad things so the family that was struggling struggled more and then another family came and it killed everyone after that another family came and it was even worse than the bad family that came before my father was apart of that family but in real life in my dream my dad could control his self from being bad and wanting to kill my dream skipped and a very tall thing in form of a man walked in my room it has no face and it was covered in vintage symbols With a black hood over its head in my dream the thing was my father and it came and sat on my bed beside me I wasn't scared at all I was calm because in the dream I was talking to my father I was asking him if my dream I had in my dream was true and it told me yes and was telling me how it could control its self out of no where it started shaking as if it was loosing control and it wanted to kill me the thing was my father one minute he wanted to kill me and then the next he was calm and normal he would chase me and he would be a black shadow in his form I remember running down the street and looking back at my dad to make sure he wouldn't turn into the shadow that would chase me and kill me when I looked back again my dad was gone and I panicked it got immediately dark and I lost where I was at I saw some kids come from out of a cut so I decided to run where they came from I went and once I got around the corner I saw nothing but water so I decided to to turn back around once I turn around the entire setting changes it was an alley way with tall trees on the side once I turned the corner the shadow was running for me I screamed and panicked I had no where to go it ran right past me and hit the wall I looked down at it and saw that it was my dad he was shaking as if he was having a stroke I looked up and ran out of the alley way once I got out I was surrounded by sand and I saw a deck and water once I got out of the alley the shadow was coming for me again it tackled me in the water and began to choke me I saw that it was my dad and I yelled I hate you when I did he stopped and we rose to the top of the lake and he wasn't facing me I yelled again I hate you and he turned around and choke me again we sunk to the bottom of the lake and I yelled I hate you over in over I began to breath in the water and my arms were floating up I died and when I did my arms slammed against the ocean floor
2015-10-28 18:16:59
falling down trees in a forest
2015-08-15 12:43:08
falling down trees
2015-08-15 12:42:14


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