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I was to meet my ex wife somewhere (I think a therapist or some type of mediator's office) at 1:30. On the way, people from my job started following me to support me. We were early so we went into a store. I was suddenly naked. No one seemed to notice but I was embarrassed. I found a small piece of netting material, very see-through of course and not big enough to wrap around me, but I tried to cover up with it anyway. I left the store and realized I had taken something out. Like a box of some kind of food. I worried that I had just shoplifted it by accident. I decided not to go back in and would just throw it away. I opened it and there was some kind of toy model plane or rocket inside. I thought it was neat and I would keep it. I threw the rest of the box and contents on the ground. I realized it was 1:30 exactly and went to where the appointment was. I ended up in what looked like a greenhouse or some kind of small enclosure with some mysterious old man. He was showing me squares drawn in the sand with little cubes stacked in them. He gave me two dice to roll. It was some kind of fortune telling or something like that. I rolled them and got double ones. He then explained how I had to knock down some of the stacks of cubes and where they fell determined something. I did it and he started trying to interpret the result. He was telling me that I didn't quite "make it to the center of the square" and he was trying to manipulate my results. It gets fuzzy after that.
2016-03-28 19:13:40
I was working at a daycare, but not my usual one, one I was filling in for. It was almost in a summer camp type setting. I was filling in for different lunch breaks, nothing particularly memorable going on. I was walking across the dirt parking lot after just talking with boss and a car was slowly approaching from the driveway entrance. There was a Muslim lady driving a dark brown Sudan, she also worked at the center. She looked to the right before entering the parking lot. I saw a child walking /running freely as if it were a summer camp and kids were roaming free run from somewhere and was to the left of the car. I put my arm up to point at the girl and yell at both to be careful, make sure they were aware of each other , but I could get my breath out in time and lady turned left running over the child. It was almost as if she got sucked under. I ran over, people had gathered , the Muslim/nikab wearing women was asking what to do, like back up and expose child or leave the car on top. I wasn't able to give an opinion before the lady backed the car up. I ran closer to the child and others did too. I wanted to help I yelled out to call 911 but they reached her before me and I said I'd call 911 and told them to help her.( I wanted to take charge, but backed down ) I run and I can't remember what I used to dial but when I'd dialled 911the numbers kept changing after I'd raise the device to my ear. Wasn't able to. I tried my cell and a computer. Eventually so frustrated I decided to run to a business of sorts where a male acquaintance was. He was an ex firefighter . As I ran over the driveway turned to stairs and the child laid motionless on the steps a couple sand toys near by. I asked an adult passerbyer why I they moved her body. They didn't know. No one was helping her but my mission was 911 so it didn't occur to me. Ran to this guys house..was really scared and anxious trying to explain I needed to call 911. He was helping someone when I got there I waited 2-3 seconds then interrupted , at first he got angry as if I was being rude, then was annoyed I didn't come in screaming a instead of waiting 2-3seconds to interrupt . He dials 911 for me and hands me the phone, I explain what happen and hang up. I feel emotionally exhausted at this point break down crying and keep going over images for this kid being run over. Venting to this ex- fireman. I do at this point realize that no one was with her on the steps and think I should have stayed to help and got someone else to call 911. I stay a little while ranting and crying while the man tries to consol me... As I head back to the daycare center I wonder if I should talke the Ativan from my purse. I worried I look too relaxed if I do and people will think I'm cold, but if I don't, I am having a hard time managing myself right now. I didn't make a decision, but I made it back to work and woke up.
2015-08-26 04:21:49
I was in a casino, playing a diamond slot machine and I won a small, unknown amount. I was there with 2 women and 1 man. I was there on a date with the man. These were very close friends in my dream. We went outside to smoke a cigarette and then we were in a mini van, but now one of the women was gone and there was a strange man there. We were talking about one of my previous residences ( a mobile home) that was now, nothing but a gutted frame. In my dream, the two women were my roommates at this residence. The unknown man was driving, the woman was in the front, passenger seat, the man that I was on the date with was in the back, driver seat, and I was in the back, passenger seat. We then arrived at a house (one of the two womens' house), where the second woman returned to the dream. The five of us were now standing in the back yard, when one woman received an important phone call. When she hung up, she said, "They will be here at 2(pm). They couldn't be here at 10(am) because it was too early." She mentioned the date being either, the 2nd or the 20th of the month. The phone call was from a child protective services worker. The woman had just had her child(ren) removed from the home. I felt sorrow for the woman. Next, I was on the back of a motorcycle with the man I was on the date with. We were in a rural area in a desert type landscape, on our way to an appointment of some sort, when we came across an unpassable point where a river had flooded over the road. We pulled off the road and I looked up to see a tall mountain sitting alont the path of the road. I wanted a picture of it, but not sure that I took it or not. Up a small hill< there was a shed of some sort that I knew I had a dirt bike in, so I walked up to get it out. I started it up and took it down the hill to show off to the man, who was not there anymore. This is where I woke up.
2015-08-13 11:04:52


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