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I had a dream that I was at a multi level shopping mall and I was looking for a bathroom to use. I looked and looked and finally found one. I entered the bathroom and went looking for a toilet. I looked in the first toilet stall and saw that the toilet was full of feces, I looked in another toilet stall and found the toilet full of urine, and I looked in a third toilet and found the toilet full of vomit. I went to look for another toilet stall and saw three Greek men enter the women's washroom. I spoke with the man in Greek and told him that he wasn't allowed to be in the women's washroom, he kept asking why and I told him that if he didn't leave the washroom, I would call the security. He said that he wanted to give away some stuff and I told him that this wasn't the place for that kind of gesture. All three men left and I went to a Christmas display and I noticed a red plastic bag that the Greek man had left behind. I opened the bag and noticed boxes of all shapes and sizes. I opened the first box and I found, Greek Christmas cards, lottery tickets, stamps, air mail. I decided to keep several boxes. My Aunt Mary then appeared and a lady next to her was asking about some red candles, my Aunt replied that she had the exact same ones and they had a specific scent. I smelled the candles but I couldn't smell anything. I said to her that if she had a pair of candles then I would keep this pair of red candles too. I then noticed an ornament that looked like a tea cup and saucer that was navy blue and white in colour and I decided to take that. I also saw a Christmas tree ornament that had lights and I decided to take that as well. I had to dismantle the ornament and the lighting system before I could remove it from the tree. I then woke up.
2013-09-30 00:52:00
bright green urine
2013-09-10 23:27:22
Blood and urine
2013-09-06 06:49:17
My son had Urine on his pants.
2013-08-28 08:05:38
Urine on his pants.
2013-08-28 08:03:20
I dreamt that I was protecting a little boy who had had terrible things happen to him, like he was being haunted. He was showing me through this old building where these terrible event had happened to him. Then we came to a room and the boy broke down and refused to go inside, he was terrified. So I said don't worry, we will leave and I covered his eyes and started guiding him out of the building. While I was leading him out, an evil man with red eyes kept popping up out of nowhere and I remember that I had to try to not show I was scared to this man. The next thing I remember was the boy was in the shower and he had turned into a dark blue liquid that was supposed to be iodine, even though iodine is not blue, and the evil man was washing his eyes, sort of swimming in the back of the boy. The boy was crying like he was in a lot of pain and I could not bare to watch. I remember looking through the boys drawing book and seeing pictures he had drawn of blue liquid with red eyes in the middle. Then me (the lady) had a realisation and she ran to the boy and was shouting at him "why are his eyes red, why are they red" and eventually the boy screamed out " because of the blood" then the lady went to talk to the boys career and told her a secret. Next thing, the evil man came into the room in a rage and went to get the boy in the shower but as he started shaking the bathroom door, a flap that the career had installed on the ladies instruction fell onto the evel mans head and he died instantly. Hen there was an image of the lady smiling giving the thumbs up like she had figured out what was wrong with the man and how to kill him. It had turned out that the reason for the blood in his eyes was because of a blood clot or some sort of cancer in his head nod when the flap landed on his head it burst and killed him instantly. I then had another dream about blue liquid 2 nights later. The dream was that I had a very bad migraine ( which I did n real life) and was searching in public to find some cold water because I just wanted to feel cold on my head. I found a lot of outdoor showers but none of them were cold enough. Finally i found some indoor cubicle showers that were really good and I showered in them but towards the end a lot of ladies came in so I decided to leave but as I was walking out I was stepping in faeces and urine from these ladies on the floor. I was really grossed out and so found another room of showers that were empty and decided to shower in there. Then there were men looking through levered windows at me, at first I was embarrassed but then I started showing them my body. The next thing, I was showering outside, naked in public and I was covered in blue liquid and asvibwas showering, the water washed the blues liquid away down to my hips. Then i woke up.
2013-08-03 18:39:17


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