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i dreamt about c welcome home
2013-03-15 23:20:32
i dreamt about be welcome
2013-03-13 00:01:44
My dream started off with me walking into an eerie dark small warehouse building. When I walked in I saw the most beautiful girl, who wasn't anyone I know or have seen in waking life. She welcomed me like a hostess at a restaurant but the place seemed empty. I followed her towards the back when she warned me to stay out of the sight of this guy, who was walking around like an unresponsive zombie (in the dream seemed like a boyfriend of hers maybe?). I went to the back with her where we started fooling around but no *****. Later there were about 10 people and half were gorgeous women about my age (20-23). I asked another one of the girls if she wanted to have ***** randomly and she seemed excited to say yes. Another steamy naked foreplay scene came with this second woman. Then we returned to the room of people which now was about 30 people, all college aged like a party. I found Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III and began talking football with him (one of my favorite things in waking life). I looked over and saw both of the girls I had experiences with sitting next to each other and I proceeded to ask them if they wanted to get together just the 3 of us. They said of course (one of my waking life fantasies) but i got distracted by flashing cop lights outside. There was a cop waiting for the people of the party to exit the building. We all sat in this large empty room just waiting for this cop to leave. Small conversation around the whole room continued while we all waited. I tried to find the 2 women of my dreams (LOL) but as I searched, I woke up and the dream was over. The two women seemed like girls I had created in my mind because I didn't recognize either one but now as I think back to this dream I still find myself trying to figure out who they were
2013-01-19 11:55:32


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