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animals escape from zoo
2014-02-10 05:55:36
Zoo drug rehab
2014-01-06 17:36:08
Zoo rehab
2014-01-06 17:35:17
To walk around an unknown victorian house, with people I don't know. Some strange advice to leave, but I keep getting detracted by what is there. Too many strangers in this house. People I don't know acting strange. People start dying. Then a cutscene zooming into a puppy with big dark eyes. The eyes pull me in. Then I'm in a room of the house again and I'm watching a man die. He is nice and was making me feel comforted in this house, where I have only felt anxiety. I remember it was something that turned into a fit before he died. The puppy again shortly after he dies...Somehow I think the murderer is the puppy. After so many times…I grab the puppy and run. It turns into a kitten but it's clawing me and I react, and I feel the bones crunch. I am outside.. The yard is very large, I am in the garden. The garden is full of angels, I don't look at the angels and I don't blink. I set the kitten down. It's dead. I can't decide if I feel okay because it's murderer or terrible because it's a kitten. Mostly how did it become a kitten when it was just a puppy. The next death in the house is no longer a puppy and now they're all kittens. The last thing I see is a watch with pink straps in my hand. I am setting it down in the garden. The animals I brought down there are not there anymore. I notice more angels in the garden. I stare at one for a while. Realize a certain angel wearing the necklace of a recent victim…it's pink as well. The realization of each victim in the house becoming an angel in the garden kills me. Wakes me up. Whatever you want to call it.
2013-12-14 20:38:20


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