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i dreamed on g*****s of wrath
2013-04-20 21:41:48
Young green g*****s trees
2013-04-18 15:36:41
Green g*****s
2013-04-18 15:33:51
picking ripe g*****fruit
2013-02-22 21:54:25
Tonight I had a dream where I was back at my childhood home and I had my boyfriend with me. I used to always take in stray animals off the street and look after them as I was growing up and in my dream in the corner of the yard near the g*****vines I saw a dobberman with a puppy and then two snakes twisted around each other that were near the dogs. I was worried that they would attack the dogs. The mum dog then bit into one of the snakes, shook it and threw it away into centre yard from where the snake, one injured the other still connected started slithering away and it was making a rattlesound so I assumed it was a rattlesnake. It was heading towards a cat with a kitten so I grabbed a stick and dragged the snakes closer to the house and put a box over them with the intention to burn them. My boyfriend came over to help me. Somehow the box got knocked away and I noticed that my current dog was near them and he was close to being bitten so I called him away. From a distance I could see another pair of snakes similar twisted around each other. I'm not sure what happened afterwards but i was with my boyfriend somewhere in a shopping centre just catching up and he was missing his ring finger and pinky on his left hand, apparently due to snake bites while he was getting rid of them for me. I was shocked because I wanted to get rid of the snakes myself as I grew up handling them and have never been scared of them but after seeing my boyfriend I felt scares of snakes for the first time, then I woke up.
2013-02-03 17:35:42


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