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I was in a strange building. The building was old and the windows were cracked and broken. I was dressed in a nurse's garb and there was two other people with me, one in a straitjacket and the other had on a lab coat. We were all in a room with a few hospital style beds and one locked door. The room appeared to be on the top floor of the building. We asked each other what the our names were. In the dream, my name was Rebekka Lynn, The man in the lab coat was named Doctor Bradly, and the man in the straitjacket was named Lucas. We suddenly heard a voice saying that someone among us had to die in order for the others to escape and that if no one was chosen, we would all die. We began to discuss among ourselves. Doctor Bradly tried to come up with a solution, While I was against discussing it entirely. Lucas didn't say anything on the subject. The Doctor began to suspect that Lucas was planning on killing someone himself. A fight between them broke out. I tried to stop the fight, but nothing I did made any difference. Eventually, I had enough and screamed that I would be willing to die. They focused their attention on me and suddenly one of the windows shattered outwards. The window was big enough for me to stand in the frame and so I did. I looked back at Doctor Bradly and Lucas and smiled through tears. I turned to them and leaned backwards falling off the building. The fall was short and, after I hit the ground, I saw fireworks exploding in a night sky above me. Everything blurred together and then I woke up.
2015-03-15 15:48:40


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