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praying to God to go to heaven
2014-10-16 05:56:15
to dream of praying
2014-06-09 10:33:56
praying into a waterfall
2014-04-21 20:45:21
I was sleeping on compund wall with open eyes on a bright day (may it was a kind of evening) one person who's hip was tied with a rop and that was holded by another person behind. Both theses persons were laughing. They walk towards me and they wanted to shake hand with me, but I was felling uncomfortable to shake hand and avoided them. But still they were insisting and I started levaing that pleace, however they still approaching me and I was really afraid of them a started running, I turn back and saw were they still following but they henven't following, I ran too far. But when I was checking on people following me I saw a bus and disappeared. I kept on running looking for a way to reach home, however I enter a old building. I saw people sitting on the side of the road of a basement in that building, I was stilled feared to ask them for a path. However I asked one old man sitting but he didn't talk to me. I kept running inside the building and reached a place ans stopped runing and started walking. I saw many women, some are aged, some young. At last I reached the balcony kind of place where I saw a huge broader four road junction with very little traffic of vehicles and people. The balcony didn't had any kind of stop wall it was a open. I saw if I can jump but it would have been a wrong decision if I have jumped, so was wondering how to read the road. After a while a mid aged lady took a small tumbler on her right hand a swing it and hit on my right upper chest and that tiny tumbler went inside my chest. I woken up from sleep, but still on bed, having very disturibed sleep. I was afraid and started praying. I forceful woken up myself as I was to rush to work.
2014-04-14 01:04:36


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