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Cat and scratch
2014-01-31 18:54:24
scratch ticket
2014-01-25 19:55:23
dream tiger scratching my feet
2014-01-13 11:35:46
believe it or not.. its about god.. and land... like wtf... i dont believe in god.. but pretty much mom and i bought this house that had this amazing huge land on it but on this land there was this huge patch of woods. mom loves the woods so she bought the house that included the land. since it was in the middle of no where i was bored as ***** so i went out to see how big the land she purchased was. i ran into this gate and it was chained locked like as if no one wanted me to pass... it was a metal gate. so what i did was i went back home got a tool and walked back to the gates and i cut the chain i walked through the gates and as i kept walking there was these two buildings. one building was a church that was on this land that was hanging over this huge drop off with a river that flowed through at the bottom and the other building was nearist the woods but around the church was these dark figures that looked some what like dragons but they werent dragons. i was like da ***** so i walked near the building that didn't have the floating figures well as i walked closer to the 2 buildings i looked down at my hands cause i felt weird and i saw the life was getting sucked out of me. i couldn't figure out why. so i backed away. i went home and waited for dad to go to the store again bought another chain lock and locked the gates back up. as i was locking thae chains back up i wanted to know what the hell was in those two buildings. so i climbed over the gate. went walking up to the building with the dark souls (So i called them) and when i went to the building the dark souls was gone. it made no sense. so i tried to open the church and it was locked. i tried the other building and it was locked but on the outside of the building there was this stand with a old book on it. it wasn't exactly a bible but close to it. all of a sudden i heard this voicing saying thomas came so close to figuring it out and he disappear are you going to find out to will you help us? please help us. dont leave us. and i kept looking around but no one was around. its like just voices. well i went back to mom with the book that a guy named thomas wrote in. and mom told be where did i find it and i told her everything that happen she told me to never go back there. and i told mom can she come back with me she needed to see this place. well mom ened up come with me. and now for some odd reason the two buildings were closer to our house that we could see it at the gates. mom ook the lock off and dark spirits reappeared. i told mom no put the lock back on and she argued with me on why? and i told her to look at the church she became scared and she put the lock back on and they disappeared. as if there was a spell on it. i told mom it was weird and she said lets go home and i told mom no i wanted to help iwanted to find out whats wrong. and she screamed at me saying you're not going in there. and i said yes i am and you're coming with me. so mom and i climbed the gate and went in mom was looking at the writing on the door that i didn't see before and it said there was a third part of the story but it was scratched off on the door. so i looked in the book and what "thomas" had wrote was gods parents was barried in the non church building and god himself was barried some where in the ground out in the woods past the cates and 2 buildings but when thomas wrote he was going to go find him he vanished. well after i was reading in the book i heard mom freaking out and i looked over at mom and she screamed and turned to dust. i looked over and the dark souls was floating aroudn the church but why wasn't i being affected by it. i was still young i wasn't feeling anything and i started hearing voices saying ill protect you just find me. and i was like wtf then i saw this skeleton half skinned half rotted scrapping its body back from the woods where "thomas said god was barried" and it screetch really loud and i woke up.... wtf? is that dream about
2014-01-13 08:38:31
I often dream vivid dreams. Last night I was swimming in the ocean, alone, far from s***** but with it still in sight. In the distance, a jet came into view. The closer it came to me, the more I could see that it was going to crash. Out of control, the jet ambled towards me. I had nowhere to go, no way to escape. I felt certain it was going to attempt a water landing with me in its path. I was left only to pray, and watch. It came closer and closer. Flying low, I dove underwater as it approached, fighting to go deeper. The plane squealed loudly as it skimmed the surface of the water above me. I could look up and see its belly scratching and clawing the surface above. The sound was deafening, a collective terrorizing shout of fear of the hundreds of nameless faces inside I could not see. As the plane skid past me, and with my lungs empty and crying for air, I fought with every muscle in my body aching to break back to the top and breathe again. I made it just in time, looking over my shoulder with weak but effusive pants just in time to see the plane bellow into the giant beachside hotel buildings, destroying them on impact with a deafening blow that echoed for miles. The anti*****ted explosion followed. I spent the next few minutes back underwater hiding and looking up as debris fell and tattered my surroundings forming a blanket that sought to drown me. Treading water moments later, the once peaceful ocean was littered and trashed with fiery scraps of metal, junk and torn body parts. I rescued a drowning boy and his sister. They were maybe five. Twins. Crawling onto the beach with the boy and the girl on my back, wringing to my neck, I laid them down. They were alive, whoever they were. I woke up.
2014-01-06 16:54:51


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