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I'm at a friends house, preparing a small surprise party for another friend arriving from abroad (for some reason, I think they're coming from Poland). I'm grating cheese onto a plate when one of my friends starts using a hairdryer or fan and the grated cheese blows off the plate. We become angry with each other and then everyone in the room starts arguing (I think there's 5 of us). I leave by the back door. I'm in my local village and both sides of the road are lined with severely damaged cars, damaged by other cars driven by people who are infected (I think). I start noticing that the people around me are acting strange, like they're feral. A man walks up to me (not feral) and touches my arm, he's lost and confused. He sees a woman and says "It's you. you've done this". Then there is darkness. We have fallen and he's landed on top of me (I can feel my breasts pressed to his chest) but it doesn't feel *****ual. Then I am looking through his eyes (this is interchangeable, sometimes I'm in my head, sometimes in his). Through him I talk to one of his ancestors who tells him they've been searching for him to save them. There is some kind of war going on. Still as him, I'm riding on top of a cart, I jump from it and land on a horse. I slit it's throat. I then flash back to my friends house and I'm in one of my friends heads. She is locked in a closet, feeling confused and acting like the feral people I saw earlier. Someone enters the room and she's scared. Now I'm back behind the mans eyes (I see him as a warrior). Then back to myself. We see each other and feel connected. The war is over. Back to myself in my friends kitchen. I've grated too much cheese and everything is back to normal, no-one remembers anything apart from me and I'm confused. I can remember and I know it happened. I get up and leave through the back door. I want to find the warrior. I wake up.
2013-07-24 04:55:35


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