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I rode a scooter down the street and a truck was about to drive past but stop in the middle of the road infront of me so the drive could look down at something. As he then looked up to drive I caught his attention and he smiled saying hey! Hiw old are you? Where you going you wanna go to a party with me? I got scared and said no and started to run back to the house but he began to follow calling after me asking me where I was going. I scream trying to get someone's attention and run in the house yelling help since this man had followed me home. My family was all there staring at me until I kept saying that guy keeps following me help me get him away dad. My older brother and a cousin was outside waiting for him. As the guy drove his truck in a neighbor's driveway without even putting the car in park he just jumps out and runs towards the house with a happy excited face. I kept telling him go away I don't want to go with you to a party! I don't know you! He got mad and started throwing things. He threw a bag of ice and it almost hit my younger brother in the back but I stood in front of it and quickly hit it away before it hit my face. The man laughed asked wow you hit away? Why didn't you let it hit your face? I got mad and threw the bag od ice at him but it missed. He came in the house and grabbed my arm trying to get me to go with him while he had a smile on his face and was all excited. I kept telling him no since it was making me more and more scared I couldn't get away. I kept saying I don't know know you! Go away! My brother cousin manage to get him away from me and throw him outside and started fighting him. I started to help fight him off too to get him out of there but it just made more and more mad and want me more. He tried to break my cousin's leg but I kicked him in the face and twisted his leg to break,
2016-05-05 10:27:32
I was in an office of a professor and it was surrounded by glass and overlooked a large body of water. While the professor, my boyfriend, and I were talking out of no where a chunk of of an airplane fell out of the sky while it was on fire and people were falling out. My boyfriend started to call 911 but the professor (who is also our boss) said to hang up and we both stared at her in confusion but listened anyway. A second chunk of the plane while also on fire fell out of the sky and I started to panic and it became very apparent in my face. She told me "penelope wait-then let it all come in" and so I took a deep breath and I let it out very slowly and I felt calm I felt reassured. I kissed my boyfriend and right after that the other chunks of the plane fell out of the sky all on fire. That is when we all started to look for a way out through the window. The professor immediately, right after i opened my eyes grabbed a chair and smashed it against the window. We tried with another chair to break it but it would not. At some point we broke the window and jumped out into the body of water to try to escape we heard screams and rhe police was showing up in big groupd while things falling apart. People said it was a terrorist attack. Then after people were saved we entered the waiting room and everyone stared at us mad questioning why we didn't call the police when it first happened and why it took so long for us to call them. They were all really mad and said that maybe we were part of it but they were specifically looking at me a lot. I was so nervous and angry because it had been so traumatizing that I couldn't believe they would think that. I tried to talk about it with my friend and she had to leave while we were in some sort of hallway with a tv and the TV was so loud that as she left there was a room in that hallway and a man was very mad at the volume level it was on so he screamed at us to turn it down but his voice was so rough that it sounded like it was the airplane falling again and I started to panic but realized he was just scolding us and I took a deep breath to calm down. I saw my other friend and asked her if she was okay and she tried to make me laugh as she always tries but she could tell i was in a lot of pain and she told me she'd take me out of dinner since we couldn't eat in the dorm they were still picking up the pieces. I was then in the computer lab trying to talk to my friends and telling them that my boyfriend did call 911 and everything that happened. I asked my best friend if she thought I should tell my mother what had happened but she said no and so I looked at the clock and it was 11pm and I was trying to decide if I should call my cousin who I'm really close to to tell her. I felt so shocked I couldn't believe I had been through something so awful and I felt like the memory was all inside my heart and I could not stop thinking about it. I decided it was too late to call but was desperate for someone to talk to.
2016-02-16 06:54:14
There was some event going on and how I remember it starting is it was you and me and a ***** ton of people and busses. You disappeared and I went frantically looking for you in like every bus, and there was so many. And then the buses where starting to leave, they are all going to the same place but it's a long ride. The bus I was looking on at the time, I had to stay on. On it was this girl Ik since kindergarten and stopped talking to since 7th grade or somewhere around there. (She was an*****to me and I heard a lot about her being a w*****) but anyways she sat on my lap and did w***** stuff. ( I felt pretty weird dreaming that, especially because I hate her and she is dirty) all the busses got to this building it looked likes school. The busses where letting people out one bus at a time, and once again there is like 50 of them. Ik I was sweating waiting at the door at this point of the dream. Then some instructor sort of person says 10 to a room. 10 is the min, 10 is the maximum. If you don't have 10 people you have to get comfortable in the hallways. So by then I was really *****ed up thinking I better find you. There was already a list for us for a room with people we didn't know. So I ran off on a search for you again I used a bunch of phones to call a bunch of numbers asking for you, people were telling me to relax and just room with them but I kept looking. It was night already and I ran through a bunch of rooms and accidentally broke ***** so there was staff looking for me to get me out, they were creepy af wearing white coats, no faces. They had like an Asian women figure with there hair and *****. (Whtvr just trying to describe them) so yea I was getting chased by them and it's dark af. I turn a hallway and there is an open door with a light that flicks on and now I can see in the room from a distance I see you in the back sleeping in like a bed that pulled out from a shelf. I run in right after some dude closed the door and I wake you up telling you about what happened and that I have been looking for you. You are sorta just nodding your head and you go back to sleep. Then a bunch of guys tell me I better get out because they have 10 already. Then as I'm being pushed out I see the dude lift the sheet and get in bed with you (both naked) and then the door shuts (painful af) I lean against the wall into a sitting position to just chill there but the people come and cuff me to take me out.
2016-02-09 18:37:24


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