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I rode a scooter down the street and a truck was about to drive past but stop in the middle of the road infront of me so the drive could look down at something. As he then looked up to drive I caught his attention and he smiled saying hey! Hiw old are you? Where you going you wanna go to a party with me? I got scared and said no and started to run back to the house but he began to follow calling after me asking me where I was going. I scream trying to get someone's attention and run in the house yelling help since this man had followed me home. My family was all there staring at me until I kept saying that guy keeps following me help me get him away dad. My older brother and a cousin was outside waiting for him. As the guy drove his truck in a neighbor's driveway without even putting the car in park he just jumps out and runs towards the house with a happy excited face. I kept telling him go away I don't want to go with you to a party! I don't know you! He got mad and started throwing things. He threw a bag of ice and it almost hit my younger brother in the back but I stood in front of it and quickly hit it away before it hit my face. The man laughed asked wow you hit away? Why didn't you let it hit your face? I got mad and threw the bag od ice at him but it missed. He came in the house and grabbed my arm trying to get me to go with him while he had a smile on his face and was all excited. I kept telling him no since it was making me more and more scared I couldn't get away. I kept saying I don't know know you! Go away! My brother cousin manage to get him away from me and throw him outside and started fighting him. I started to help fight him off too to get him out of there but it just made more and more mad and want me more. He tried to break my cousin's leg but I kicked him in the face and twisted his leg to break,
2016-05-05 10:27:32


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