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bomb blast
2014-07-12 05:22:47
the cat and the bird: dream about a bird that tries to go to a place in New York(Manhattan), and meets a cat. The cat, after the bird fails in flying through a bridge in the falls, gets injured. The bird then is confused as to why the cat is hurt, and resolves to help the cat to safety. The cat, being smarter than the bird, but barely alive, shows him the way to Manhattan. The bird finds a hospital though and takes the cat to it. The bird as it flies into the hospital doors, is met with surprise and aww over the people in the hospital, like they know the bird and it's resolve( probably a result of my thinking logic, where I began the dream as myself, where I was helping my mom get home quicker without a car, so I picked her up and flew there instead, and people began to see us flying. Later on we ended up flying over the falls, and my thought process changed, and my mother and I, turned into the cat and the bird(I was a seagull). As we flew over the falls I somehow got halted by bridge, where I tried to fly under it but instead hit one of the lower bridge joints, falling down into the water, and hurting the cat. I later was able to find the cat and fly away. ) The people surprised and amazed were probably people surprised and amazed to see humans flying in the air, which linked to the bird flying to Manhattan, saving the cat later on). As the bird is bombarded by people, and somehow finds out that the cat is a girl by one of the doctors, one of the doctors claims that the cat is missing. The bird then later finds the cat dead, lying down on a map that shows the way to manhattan. The bird feels angry and heart broken that the cat died, but resolves to go to manhattan later on, in the hopes that it can fulfill both it's and the cats dreams. Dream journal #1. (Have had this dream once before. Today I stopped at not finding the cat, but I knew what happened next).
2014-06-08 17:05:27
2014-05-06 05:45:58


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