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I found myself at a high-school reunion many years in the future. The reunion was held in a large meeting hall or old house turned public gathering *****e. We were all outside on the porch; it was evening, and the sky was dark blue with yellow on the horizon. The house was white, made of bricks, and it looked like an old English manor with climbing roses and neatly-trimmed hedges. Most of the people there were my friends from grade 8 (I had this dream in grade 9), and though I don’t remember the topic of discussion, we all seemed fairly friendly. I then decided to go off by myself- there was a low, stone wall and a grove of trees separating the yard of the house from a beach, and as everything was well-lit by lanterns, I decided to walk along the beach and then swim in the ocean. The ocean was very calm, there was little wind and the waves were very subtle and slow, though I couldn’t see into the water because of the lighting. I was only in the ocean a few moments, and I was still in a shallow region where I could stand on the bottom and have my head above the surface, when I saw shark fins. I wasn’t afraid of them. The sharks then started moving in a very unusual way- their heads coming above the water so they were perpendicular to the surface and then going back down again, rapidly thrashing and squirming about. I got out of the water to see better what was going on, and I then saw the sharks walk out of the water; they had the heads and torsos of sharks and human legs. I then realized that they were part of a band which had become quite popular for some reason, called Onkle Donkle. I somehow became completely dry, despite having worn all my clothes into the water. The shark-people were wearing inner tubes (each differently coloured) and carrying their instruments (how, with no arms, I have no idea). Others had gathered around and saw the shark-people-band, but no-one seemed to care. I then went back to the reunion, where I went inside the house to see that my old friends were gone, and my colleagues from my job were there (I think I had joined the FBI). We then played an odd game with silver marbles and funny-looking cards.
2013-04-21 12:26:39
i dreamt about ecards
2013-04-04 07:26:48


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