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I dreamed that I found a little girl with blond hair and she couldn't find her family. I promised her that we would find her family. There was a lady with dark brown hair who had originaly handed me the child and said that the child needed help. We walked around the shopping mall trying to look for her family but were unsuccessful. I asked her if she had her coat but we could not find the coat. I also had difficulty finding my coat but the lady with the dark brown hair gave me my coat. I took my sweater and wrapped it around the little girl to keep her warm. We were going down the escalators and I turned by back for a minute and the lady with the dark brown hair turned me around and her hand was covered in blood. I then looked at the little girl and she had blood smeared on the inside of her thighs. The lady told me that I needed to get out of the mall and hide the little girl. I said that the little girl was bleeding and that I was going to need to get her help. I picked the little girl up and started taking her to my car. I didn't have a car seat and called 911 emergency services and told them about having found the little girl and that she was bleeding and that I was taking her to the hospital. The lady kept telling me to follow her and that I should hide the girl. The little girl with the blond hair saw that the lady with the dark hair put a rag in the back seat of the car and she kicked it out of the car. I drove to the hospital and explained to the doctors what had happened and the little girl confirmed that I was trying to help her. I woke up.
2014-09-05 17:48:54
Giving my coat to another
2014-05-18 18:20:40


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