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me and youw ere hanging out in my basement on our computer but we were sitting up agains tthe wall behind my red couches and taylor popped out of no where and joins in but she sits on the red couch and then we keep showing each other funny things on the internet but we don't show taylor ands he was like i see you laughing and purposely ignoring me and so i stand up and im like taylor you can come to my house uninvited and i will be nice to you but you can't attack me (lol). and then we were at my school and leigh was there and so were some of sam's friends from england and we got drunk and snuck into sea world and we were going to all of the exhibits but they were all being redone and so there were no sea creaures and so we were really *****ed but i kept falling and tripping into all of the nets which were used for the renovating and then we went outside and there was this flooding and we were in some kind of city but it was still my school and some of the girls on my floor (the ones that i think are kevin) were there and they were walking around and there was a road that was completely flooded and i like dove into it and aidan (the cool girl from cali who is definitely kevin who i asked to be my roommate a while ago) was like are you stupid and like ripped me out of there. so then we went back to the dorms and it like wasnt my dorm it was so much nicer and we went to the dining halls and i asked for parfait and the girl put it all over her face and all of the staff (who were all black) were cracking up and she slid it off and put it back in the cup and i was like i want a new one and they gave me an offended *****ed off look and i was like oh ***** they think im being racist and so then i couldnt open any of the doors cause i was holding the parfait with both of my hands and then i woke up
2013-02-27 19:16:11
Cat after dove
2013-01-13 23:28:30


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