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Boyfriend meeting my parents
2016-07-07 02:30:13
I dreamt that I was going on vacation to Atlantic city and I talked to a coworker beforehand. I was going with a group of single coworkers and anti*****ted it would be fun. When I got there the coworkers disappeared and while looking for them I discovered my aunt was there, invited to the same trip I was on and same hotel. At first I didn't understand why she was there but I couldn't find my coworker friends and she needed my help finding someone who tried to spy on her in her room. The hotel was huge and we walked to the other side, and I was glad she came because she was a cool aunt. When we got to the other side I immediately saw a group of Lincoln Church ladies sitting at a table for a meeting. Sandy went up to say hello and apparently didn't have a problem. I first noticed Mrs Leigh was not there and wondered if something happened to her since I had no talked to anyone from Lincoln Church in many years. I went up to say hi and they either gave me snubs or a handshake without looking at me or acknowledging me, and that was Mrs Fogan. I saw that Sandy disappeared and nod had to look for her too (on top of the coworkers). I discovered that I was now in University at Buffalo North Campus, which explained why the Lincoln Church Ladies were there and where they meet. I began to walk back to the beginning part of the hotel, which was part University at Buffalo On the way I wanted to use the bathroom but they weren't cleaned by the part time university student staff yet. One bathroom was sealed off as hazardous. When I got to the other side of the hotelthere a second bus load of coworkers got off, but this group were families and they immediately started to chat and eat dinner, but I though they would be less fun and wanted to cut it short to search for friends, and family, without seeming too short. I told my coworker and his wife, also my coworker that I would be back and left my phone and other essentials at the table to show I was coming back. I then went down a long corridor ended up having to park a car by remote and got a call from Rodney at the same time. The police were watching me park the car and I noticed I was now on the street in Philadelphia. It was hard to manage the call, which was on my Apple Watch since I left my phone at the table, because of the parking and trying to avoid getting a police ticket.
2016-04-05 11:30:47


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