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I dreamed of one tiger and 2 lions trying to get into my house. At times they would get in if a door was unlocked. They were threatening but never harmed me, I just wanted them out of the house. At times they would escape the back yard and I was always trying to keep them contained. I call the local zoo at 4:01 when they closed at 4:00 someone answered and gave me the number to a wild life sanctuary that could help me with my situation. When talking to the lady at the wildlife sanctuary she told me the reason that the cats keep coming back to my house is because the scent of our property is on the bottom of there paws. The lady told me to feed them, and keep them contained. She asked for my address and told me she was getting her team together and would be there shortley. I then threw out steaks to the lions that were in my back yard and gave the tiger alligator food that I over threw and it landed on the edge of the roof. The tiger was very eager to retrieve the food so when I opened the door the tiger propped himseld on my kitchen counter and the doorway so that he could retrieve his food. During this fiasco of the cats trying to get out of the back yard and into my house my neighbor next door was out with her black and white Shih Tzu, I immediately went out and told her to take her dog and go inside because it was dangerous. I know this dream is detailed and long but this dream in various versions is a recurring dream of mine and I have always wondered what it means.
2012-10-17 08:00:52
Dream 1: I was outside and it was dark, but I could see, and there was a buffet in front of me. I had a Styrofoam takeout box and I was filling it up with piles of meat. Then I remember getting cooked pumpkin that looked like wedges and they were on sticks. No matter how much food I put in the takeout box it never broke or fell. The dream eventually faded. Dream 2: I was waiting with some people to go somewhere, not sure where, and we were waiting outside a white van. When it was apparently time to leave, I got in the front seat and I was supposed to sit on a metal plate looking platform, but there was grease and oil coming from somewhere and no matter how much I wiped it away it always came back in the spot. I eventually sat in the spot and the dream ended. Dream 3: The only thing I recall from this particular dream was being in a white jeep without the cover and driving over lava and laughing, trying to take someone I knew home. The person was not identified. Dream 4: This dream took place in the back right corner and second story of a house that had a wraparound hallway from the right wall to the back wall, ending with a door. There were two windows, one on the back wall and one on the right wall. I was standing in the hallway and I look outside on the ground outside of the right window and I see an old flip phone, and for some reason I thought, “Hmm, that’s a good phone,” even though it was not. Then I traveled to the back wall window and looked out and there was a huge pool in the back yard that was maybe twice the size of an Olympic pool. There was a dull forest behind the pool that had dull leafless trees. The next thing I know, I look to the back left of the pool, and there is a blonde girl running and screaming towards me and there is a man chasing her. She runs down the left side of the pool and around the front to the right wall window, and I leaned out of the second story of the house and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside. The dream fades into reality as I awaken. Dream 5: This dream took place in a surgical room. It was dim and I was lying on the surgery table. My stepmom comes in the room and hands me a frozen red drink. I lay back down on the table and then they told me that my ear had bled. I sat up and and checked the table; there was blood on the table. I then sat up and asked my dad if he was leaving. He replied with a yes; the dream ends. Dream 6: In this dream I was riding out on the back of a bike. It was a crotch rocket to be more specific; not a motorcycle. I then picked up my brother and I turn and see a man pointing a gun at a line of cars. He takes the two bikes from the side of the road and takes them to the parking lot and sees a manager at my work and a guy smoking. Dream 7: At home I have a friend whose mom owns a bunch of property, and so in this dream there was a particular building called the Majestic House that we always went to. In this dream, we were all standing around on the inside of the Majestic House. It did not look like the regular Majestic House; there was more glass than usual. I remember looking outside and seeing my Durango parked on the side of the Majestic house. Next thing we knew we were outside and standing by my car. There were a couple of black people walking and talking down the road and we kind of shrugged them off and did not pay them any attention. We went back inside the Majestic House and talked with my friend’s mom for a little while, until I looked out and saw that every window on my vehicle was smashed. I was distraught. Thinking it could not get worse, I left it alone. Then I realized that my Zune, my music player, was probably gone. Turns out, it was, after I checked through the broken windows of my car. I gave up and went back inside and walked to the back of the Majestic House, except in this particular alternate Majestic House, the kitchen was right after the common room, and then there was the front room, as if it was a house. I walked through the kitchen, past my friend’s mom and my friend, and went to the front room to play some Black Ops. Miraculously that was what was in the console. Eventually I suppose I got bored and I walked back through the room I was in to the kitchen where everyone was. I had just passed the threshold when I looked to the left and saw two men dressed in black pointing guns at me through the window. I quickly backed up and stood for a moment. Then I walked through the doorway again, but I was not being shot at. I kept walking and as I approached the windows to view my Durango, I saw something completely impossible. My Durango was upside down, all the windows smashed in. Then my dream fades and I end up in the woods by a road. It was me and a few friends that I did not recognize in the dark by some random road in the woods; we had lawn chairs. When I realized that there were many cars coming by, we all went into the log cabin. I did not realize how big the cabin really was. The girls went into my friend’s room and we all sat and talked. I escaped and I ended up in the top of the log cabin, looking out of the top. The top of the log cabin was pure glass, and you could see the tops of trees. In the backyard there was a huge lake that reflected the grandeur of the cabin. Then the dream fades as the sun comes up over the horizon of the dream.
2012-10-10 00:26:13


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