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Okay. So, I'm currently in a relationship, but before this current relationship, i was dating a girl. (i'm bi*****ual btw) I dated her in October 2012, we broke up December 2012 ,yet i still stuck by her side until June 8, 2013, so 6 more months after the break up. She knew i was falling in with her, and i was always telling her about how i felt about her, but she was never the same back. I didn't take it as anything because throughout getting to know her, she was never the kind to express feelings. But anyways, I thought everything would fall together the longer i would "ride or die" for her, until May of 2013. That night, we were drinking and my good friend, her lil cousin, kept saying "my *****s a PIMP!" and you know, it didn't bother me, but later that night, i had a dream that she was cheating on me, and that she was rubbing it in my face!! I woke up and asked her, if there's anything going on with her that i should know so i won't be holding her back from moving on since we weren't exactly IN A RELATIONSHIP, she said no, but a month later, June 8, 2013, i found out she was in a relationship with someone else... Now in my CURRENT relationship now, I've so far, had 3 dreams that he was cheating on me. The first one was just like the dream i had with my exgirlfriend. My boyfriend was cheating on me, and was rubbing the fact that he cheating on me in my face. the 2nd one was just the same, except different setting, and girls. This time, i just had a dream that he had a thing for some older woman, he's not a poetry type of person in real life, but in my dream he's written poems about her in his phone, had pictures of this woman in his calender books, and in my dream he has said "oh it's no one" but when i went through his phone, he wrote that this woman was his Love, but she was his heartbreaker... ); His past relationships, were NEVER as serious as the relationship he has now with me. NEVER as in, 99% of his ex girlfriends has cheated on him REPEATEDLY to the point where he did it back to them, yet he still stayed in the relationship for over at least one year.. Honestly, I trust him not to cheat on me, but his past relationship can really affect this current relationship. And after having 3 dreams of him cheating on me,.. i'm starting to get more and more insecure about myself, AND this relationship. ); Can someone PLEASE help me out so i don't think what happened in my last relationship with the girl, is gonna happen to this one? because i really don't want to loose THIS relationship, it's the BEST and the Most Sure Thing I've ever wanted.
2013-09-14 08:51:28
Clean, books, spooning
2013-08-18 05:43:22


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