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Saw a lioness naked
2016-03-22 17:22:16
There was some event going on and how I remember it starting is it was you and me and a ***** ton of people and busses. You disappeared and I went frantically looking for you in like every bus, and there was so many. And then the buses where starting to leave, they are all going to the same place but it's a long ride. The bus I was looking on at the time, I had to stay on. On it was this girl Ik since kindergarten and stopped talking to since 7th grade or somewhere around there. (She was an*****to me and I heard a lot about her being a w*****) but anyways she sat on my lap and did w***** stuff. ( I felt pretty weird dreaming that, especially because I hate her and she is dirty) all the busses got to this building it looked likes school. The busses where letting people out one bus at a time, and once again there is like 50 of them. Ik I was sweating waiting at the door at this point of the dream. Then some instructor sort of person says 10 to a room. 10 is the min, 10 is the maximum. If you don't have 10 people you have to get comfortable in the hallways. So by then I was really *****ed up thinking I better find you. There was already a list for us for a room with people we didn't know. So I ran off on a search for you again I used a bunch of phones to call a bunch of numbers asking for you, people were telling me to relax and just room with them but I kept looking. It was night already and I ran through a bunch of rooms and accidentally broke ***** so there was staff looking for me to get me out, they were creepy af wearing white coats, no faces. They had like an Asian women figure with there hair and *****. (Whtvr just trying to describe them) so yea I was getting chased by them and it's dark af. I turn a hallway and there is an open door with a light that flicks on and now I can see in the room from a distance I see you in the back sleeping in like a bed that pulled out from a shelf. I run in right after some dude closed the door and I wake you up telling you about what happened and that I have been looking for you. You are sorta just nodding your head and you go back to sleep. Then a bunch of guys tell me I better get out because they have 10 already. Then as I'm being pushed out I see the dude lift the sheet and get in bed with you (both naked) and then the door shuts (painful af) I lean against the wall into a sitting position to just chill there but the people come and cuff me to take me out.
2016-02-09 18:37:24


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