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I had this dream the first night I was home from the hospital after my daughter was born. This was 7 years ago: I was standing in a parking lot of some type, and my newborn daughter was there as a teenager, probably about 15 years old. She was standing with a group of friends who looked around her age. (Strangely enough, she looked exactly how I would now expect her to look when she becomes a teen, yet I don't see how I could have predicted that then when she was only a few days old.) Anyhow, I remember calling her name over and she wouldn't answer me; she was just talking and laughing with her friends, who couldn't hear me either. I started screaming it so she could hear me, but it seemed like the sound of my voice just got lower and quieter. I couldn't tell if she was ignoring me or she just didn't know I was there. At this point, I started to feel like I had no physical presence because when I looked down at myself, there was nothing there; like a ghost who couldn't be seen, and that is why she wasn't responding. Meanwhile, I noticed a young boy standing off to the side of the group of girls. He looked to be somewhere between 8 and 10. I did not recognize the child, but he was the only one who could actually see me. He didn't say a word; he just kept looking at me as I screamed my daughter's name. I felt as though he knew me, although I didn't know him. This dynamic just continued until I woke up. I was convinced this dream meant that if I ever had another child (represented by the boy), I would die. Please tell me what you think.
2013-08-01 18:41:21


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