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have 4 best friends girls, once one of them she is muslim she asked me to sleep over my mom said no because she didn't know her parents. 2 months before that i saw a movie about devil and exorcism and it got me so scared that it haunted my thoughts from time to an other.. I am christian i have not been praying lately or even going to church.. In this dream.. I was sleeping over at this girl s house.. There were the 3 other girls my best frnds . Suddenly i heard a strange scary voice i got so scared it was like a wind or a strange power that i couldn't define its source.. I tried to wake up one of the girls she didn't answer she ignored me ! Then i got the strength to get out of bed and go straight to the door to get some help outside of the room! I was so scared and screaming no one was answering my call! Once i got to the door it didn't open ! It was something very hard and powerful keeping me from opening it ! At this point i saw on the wall a light shaped as a cross plugged into the wall( electricity) and that got me even more scared , i could see them outside ! Everybody saw me crying but kept ignoring me! Once i got to open the door i went to another room trying to get help and the same thing happened there were a power holding away from them to get help! Why was this happening in the dream? What does it mean ? Why everybody whom is very close to me in reality was ignoring me in dreams ! And why islamic christian and devil where associated in this dream Please i need a reasonable explanation cant wait to read your reply Thank You
2014-01-15 14:06:13


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